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Bean Bag Chair Buying Guide

Adding a bean bag chair is a great way to furnish practically any room in your home and provide an appealing place to lounge around. Beanbags are really versatile and are easy to move around. This makes them brilliant furniture to have in a living room, kids bedroom, halls.

What to look for when buying a bean bag chair?


Some key things you should ask when buying a beanbag chair:
Is it washable?
Can the cover be removed and washed without removing the filling? If not, chances are you will NEVER be brave enough to wash your bag.
How much filling comes with it?
How much does refill bean bag filler cost?
Are the seams hidden and double stitched?
What kind of zippers are there - childproof?
What kind of interior liner are used?
Is it waterproof?
What is the warranty on the bean bag?


Specific sizing conventions usually come in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Sofa. Extra Small, Small and Medium are best suited for children. But children do grow larger and by buying a slightly larger bag - they can get many more years of enjoyment. Large and Extra Large are a better fit for adults. Sofas can be used for multiple people of any shape or size.


While the bean bag lounger, teardrop bean bag, body fitter bean bag are comfortable bean bags, they offer different sitting positions. A bean bag lounger has the traditional round shape and provides a laid-back sitting style. If the bean bag lounger is filled with bean bag beads, it will have a much firmer seat. The foam bean bag filling provides a very soft seat that forms around you. The teardrop, on the other hand, allows you to sit up straight in the bean bag with complete back support. This bag style always contains a bead fill and therefore has a firmer seat. Both the lounger and teardrop styles will give you years of comfort and satisfaction.


There are several types of beanbags to choose from, here are just a few:

Kids Bean Bag
Kids Bean Bag

Lounger Bean Bag
Lounger Bean Bag

Tear Drop Bean Bag
Tear Drop Bean Bag

Lovesac Bean Bag
Lovesac Bean Bag


Popular and durable fabrics include cotton, vinyl, denim and leather.


Colour is an important aspect of a beanbag. The trend for color is turning to softer red, yellow, and orange. Blue, green, aqua, purple, and pink are still popular in both vibrant and subtle tones. Brown and tan are used to tone down splashes of color to create drama.
The furniture and room decor will be an important defining point for the color of your bean bag.


Bead bean bag or standard fill and foam bean bag fill have completely different sitting experiences. Bead bean bag fill is traditional for a bean bag chair and constructed from either virgin polystyrene beads or recyclable polystyrene beads. This fill provides its user with a firmer seat, allowing a more supportive sitting experience. Because a person's weight can compress the beads, bead-filled bags also require an occasional refill. Foam fill is constructed from shredded foam and has a much softer feel. It has a tendency to mold to your body as you lounge down into the bag. The foam-filled bag should never need to be refilled.

What Is a Liner Versus No Liner?

The liner option is a second container for your filling, essentially providing you with a bean bag inside a bean bag chair. It allows you to remove the bean bag covers of your bean bag chairs for washing, without spilling the filling. When washing your bean bag cover, make sure you wash it on the delicate cycle and either air dry or dry on low heat depending on the material.


Expect to have these heavily abused. Your bag needs to be strong enough to withstand your kids and the brats from next door pounding it and all squashing on it together.
Here, it is important to look for a bag which is strong and is going to last more than a couple of weeks. Kid will love to sit in their bean bag and eat sticky food, so consider a bag with a zip off cover for easy washing.
Avoid the very cheap end of the market and look for something which will last.


Serious adult bean bags are furniture in their own right. You can make a real fashion statement with a high quality suede or real leather bean bag.
Watch for imitation leather, often called faux leather, as this is often just PVC.
Bags need to be well filled to take the weight of an adult and those at the higher end of the market should do just that. Inside, the beans should be sealed in an inner bag, meaning that if the outer is cloth, that it can be removed for washing.

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