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Cabinet hinges are used for opening and closing the door smoothly. For both framed and unframed types of cabinets, different types of hinges are used. On the basis of applications, hinges are of various types like Reversible Hinges, Concealed Hinges, Wrap-Around Hinges, Surface Mount Hinges, Face Frame Hinges, Reverse Bevel Hinges, Flush Hinges, T-Style Hinges etc. Since there are number of hinges available in the market it often happens that people get confused when they go out to purchase hinges for their cabinet. Though confusing but not difficult what you have to do is to make proper analysis and homework. Believe, that mere careful attention can help you in availing the best cabinet hinges.

The quality of the hinges should be judged on the following parameters- Materials, Finishes and Construction.

Cabinet Hinges Buying Guide

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