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Carpet Flooring Buying Guide

Carpets are available in cut and loop piles. Cut pile carpeting is best for your home because it is softer. It is also easier to clean in case of food spills. Loop piles on the other hand are hardy and better suited for commercial areas where there is more traffic.

You can choose woollen or synthetic carpeting. Synthetic carpets are available in acrylic, recron, polypropylene and a combination of wool and nylon. Non-branded carpets could cost anywhere from Rs.45 to Rs.100 per sq. ft. A branded one, on the other hand, could even go up to Rs.300 per sq. ft.
Though woollen carpets are softer, they require higher maintenance. So if you don't have the time or the patience to clean, synthetic carpets are a better option.


For a small home, try carpets with pastel shades. They give the room a spacious look. Choose from sky blue, beige, pale yellow or even baby pink. Avoid light colours if you have a toddler about the place.
Use deep, rich colours for that plush look. You can choose from colours like royal blue, ivory, golden yellow, rusts and many more. Don't forget to match the carpet with the colour of the walls.
Add vibrancy to a drab and boring room with printed carpeting. Choose between floral prints, geometric designs and more. Printed carpets give a sparsely furnished room a fuller look.


Carpets are pretty easy to install. The carpeting is generally stuck onto the ground with an adhesive. Some carpets are installed with grippers too. Ensure that the floor is dry, hard and even before the carpet is laid.
In case of regular wall-to-wall carpeting, the installation can be done directly onto your existing tiled flooring.
Choose carpeting with a thickness of about 8mm or so as thinner a carpet might wear out quickly.

Carpets generally have a backing of jute, rubber or nylon. You could also have vinyl-backed carpet tiles. They are more expensive but last longer.
Most carpet manufacturers don't give you a guarantee. However, with proper care, you can expect your carpeted flooring to last a good eight to ten years.

Carpets are available in tile form too. They are installed just like ceramic tiles but with adhesive instead of cement. However, the floor will have to be levelled with the help of a chemical compound before they are installed. Just ask your local contractor or carpet dealer about this.
You can play with design. For instance you could use two different colours to create an interesting chequered pattern.
In case of stains you can just take off that particular tile and wash it separately. If it is badly stained you can have it replaced, without the floor looking patchy.


Vacuum or brush the carpet at least once in two days as dust accumulates easily. Do it in the opposite direction of the pile.
Use a toothbrush to clean stains. Some carpets are removable. They can even be shampooed with a mild detergent or hair shampoo.
If water seeps in, blow-dry the carpet or leave it to dry on its own.
Removable carpets must be washed once a year. There is a special way to remove the carpet as it has been stuck to the floor. Have a carpet cleaner do it for you. It helps maintain the carpet well.


If you have a pet, the fur gets caught into the fibres of the carpet.
If anyone at home suffers from respiratory ailments like asthma etc.
If you have little children, they tend to pull out tufts of fibre from the carpet, which eventually destroy it.

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