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Curtains Buying Guide

Curtains provide insulation and privacy and dress windows in a variety of styles, colours and textures. A variety of curtains are available to buy off-the-shelf in many stores, giving you the option to buy and hang them yourself. Or, if your budget is not holding you back, have your curtains custom made and let a professional hang them for you. Accessorise your curtains with decadent pelmets or rods.


Textured patterned fabrics using natural styles are popular, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to selecting a fabric. The better the quality of fabric, the better it will hang. Sheer curtains let in light and the heavier the drape, the better the block-out capacity. Chiffon, Silk-dupion and Organza are fuss free. For daily use cottons or polysters. If you have time for maintain drapes, then try velvets and raw silk.

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Are available in wood or metal and are supported on brackets. Rods affect the way the curtain hangs and should extend enough so the curtain can be drawn back.
There are great looking curtain rods available in the market which are often better looking than the curtains that are hung on them. Powder coated in a variety of olours these donít need to be covered with that extra bit of wood on top, which seems to eat up wall space in a room.


Available as metal or plastic and can be fitted to the wall, ceiling or window frame and should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the curtains.


Brackets, or pelmets as they are often popularly called, are important parts of window dressing. You may have great fabric, stitched to perfection by the best place in town, but unsightly pelmets can mar the best effort and effect.
Pelmet dressing has finally come into itís own. Earlier there would be either a single, metal rod hanging on wooden or metal wall brackets or an attempt would be made to cover the unsightly rod with a wooden pelmet frame, which was often more hideous. If you were lucky, the pelmet would have carving on it to pick it up from the mundane.
Today, pelmets are being treated as part and parcel of curtains and window-dressing as a whole. Pelmets are being perked up. For those who donít have much of a budget the easiest way out is to take fabric matching your curtains and simply fix it onto the pelmet. Some like these pelmet covers to be simple in shape while others prefer scalloped edges, and still others like to dress them up with an edging of lace.


They neither want to spend the extra money on the good-looking rod available nor do they want to cover up an ugly metal rod with an even uglier wooden pelmet. They go in for valances. Styled like pelmets, they cover the upper portion of the curtain and the rod. Valances are made only of fabric. These can be stitched in many different appealing designs ranging from scalloped, gathered to pleated. These can be styled from the same fabric and colour as the curtains to match them exactly. A cream-and-peach room, with cream curtains and peach valances can look quite stunning.

An alternative to a stitched valance is to simply drape any colour or fabric over the pole in an artistic swirl, covering the curtain rod as well as adding a touch of careless, chic to the look.

How to measure

Accurately measuring for your curtains and blinds will depend upon whether you want to hang curtains or blinds. If you want to hang blinds, your measurements will be based on the type of blind you choose.

Tips while buying


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