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Dining Table Buying Guide

There's a lot to consider when shopping for dining room furniture. The pieces you choose must accommodate your lifestyle as well as last over time. Key factors to consider when purchasing a dining room table and chairs include room size, table size, style of your home and your budget.

Room size

You need to make sure the size and shape of the dining table setting is in balance with the rest of the room. It's a good idea to take measurements of the area before you start shopping. As a general guide you should have a minimum distance of 1.2m between the edge of the table and the wall. If you have a small room, a glass table top will give the illusion of more space.

Table size

Consider how many people you need to fit around the table on a regular basis. An extendable table will suite those who have few people using the table on a daily basis but who like to entertain a lot. Choose an extendable that can easily be set to a variety of configurations and then minimised for daily use. The dining table width is also very important. You need plenty of space for plates and serving dishes. We suggest a table width of at least 1m, especially if you like to set all your food on the table to allow guests to serve themselves.
The didning table should measure 35-40 inches across.Narrower than that leaves no place for the food in the middle and wider than that makes conversation difficult with the person sitting opposite to you.
Tip: Have some stackable stools or chairs on hand for unexpected guests.


Rectangular tables are most common, but many people prefer sitting at a round table, as it is conducive to conversation. Round tables are good for elongated rooms. Since they do not have sharp edges, they are safer for children. Square tables are good for a small family and not too many people coming over.


If you are interested in buying wood table, select the wood that goes with the ambience of the room or another piece of furniture in the room. This will make the table feel like a cohesive element in the home's decor. Combining two materials like tile and wood or wrought iron and marble gives an informal look. Solid hardwood lasts for ages.

Family friendly

A young family needs a safe, durable dining table that is easy to clean. Family-friendly means a table with round or rolled edges and a timber or timber veneer finish that wipes clean easily. Also, greasy finger marks won't appear as obvious on a timber surface as say a glass surface. Also children spill things and that is only a big deal if you have upholstered chairs that will be hard to clean. If you really want upholstered dining room chairs then you'll need chair covers as well that not only look smart but can be thrown in the washing machine.
Children often use dining table for their own activities - homework, artwork or games. This may lead to scratches and stains on your table. So if there are children in the house, choose a surface which does not show up damages easily.

Storage and Space

Whether you have a tiny apartment or a sprawling mansion, you can never have enough storage space. Choose a dining table with in-built drawers or a shelf to store such things as napkins, table cloths and the good silverware.
Dinner room chairs must be able to fit underneath the table to at least half way.
Tip: Test out a storage-type table by siting at it in the showroom to make sure you have enough leg room.


It's important for the dining furniture to suit the décor of the rest of your home. When you see a table setting you like, try and imagine it in your own home. Would it go? In the shop, a stylist has created the look with furniture but also matching accessories. The same setting in your home might look out of place. Also, consider what makes a "look". A series of mismatching chairs around a fantastic table might become your signature style.
Skirted tables can be added to nearly any room, they are as functional as they are attractive. Not only stylish, they are also expensive, and versatile taking on a variety of roles according to room and size.
Also, look at the style of the legs - tapering legs or carved Kashmiri work or ball and claw for a formal look.


The bottom line is; dining room furniture doesn't come cheaply. If tempted to make price the priority then keep in mind other factors such as how long the furniture will last and how long it will look good. It could be worth spending a bit more to ensure durability to avoid making another purchase too soon down the track. However, for those with a young family, the priority might be "safe, tough and functional" with a view of upgrading when the children are older and it's easier to keep the table in good condition.


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