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Door Handles Buying Guide


Door Handles are an integral part of door hardware and are meant for opening or closing a door from inside or outside. They have been in use since centuries. The materials used for making door pull handles varied from time to time and they usually had a basic latch. Door handles today also serve as decorative item for adorning the decor of the home.

Most of the modern door pull handle are manufactured from metal components, with brass being used most frequently. Some other metals or metal alloys are also used for making door handles. Door handles are selected in such a way that they complement the design ans style of your home.


There are different types of door handles available today. Some of the common types include:


Materials that are commonly used for making door handles are: Wrought Iron


Door Handles are available in many finishes like:

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Door and door handles have passed several phases of human history. Though door handles are small hardware, they still have the capacity to define people's lifestyle and status. Therefore, they are "hard to resist" items for those who are conscious about their lifestyles. Not only in households but also in offices, hotels, restaurants etc. These are used to attract the attention of clients or the customers.

Door handles are available in numerous designs, styles and materials. When as a bulk buyer you go to shop these door handles it becomes necessary for you take following considerations in mind:

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