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Immersion Rod Water Heater Buying Guide

Though India has a tropical setting, owing to its huge geography, most parts of the country have quite a cold climate for months. This brings us to the inevitable chore of heating water for taking bath. Most common ways for heating water for Indian homes are:
  • Heating the water on the stove
  • Using an Immersion water heater
  • Installing a Geyser
  • Using green solutions like Solar water heaters


An immersion rod water heater is a very simple appliance which heats a bucket of water in 10 to 15 minutes. It consists of a heating coil and has a chord similar to an electric iron.
To use an immersion heater, one simply fills a bucket of water and places the immersion rod into the bucket either directly or with an aid like a clothes hanger. Then they connect the plug into the socket and switch it on. Some models come with an indicator to show that they are working well.
Some points to be noted about immersion heaters:
Apart from this, immersion heater is not a complete solution for water heating. The biggest drawback is that one can only use the heated water from the bucket with a mug or external aid. This means having a hot shower is ruled out. Further there are chances of water spillage or people getting scalded as they try to transport this bucket of hot water from the place with electric connection to the place where they intend to use it. It is also quite common to get mild electric shocks from this apparatus, especially from those of poorer quality. So use prudently and cautiously.


A local made immersion rod will cost around 150 to 250 bucks whereas branded ones from Bajaj will cost around Rs. 400.


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