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Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

There are a range of pressure cooker models best suited for Indian kitchens available today which boast of modern, user friendly techniques.


Water boils at 100°C under normal conditions so water cannot get any hotter than that.

However, if you put water under pressure by sealing the lid of your cooker so that no steam can escape into the air, you increase the pressure on the water. Thus the water boils at a higher temperature, and that you can make your cooking temperature higher than normal.


There are various body types available: aluminium, stainless steel and hard anodized aluminium.

Aluminium Body

Alumunium Pressure Cooker

The white metal's higher conductivity allows for faster cooking with minimal chances of food burning.

Stainless Steel Body

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

More hygienic cooking, as the metal surface is more resistant to pits and scratches than the softer alumunium. Fine for acidic foods - with alumunium, there is the concern that the acid might lead to the metal leaching into the food. The harder material reduces chances of accidental bursting from pressure build-up as well. Again, because it stands up better to scouring and is not affected by acid in foodstuff; it is easier to clean.

Futura from Hawkins is one pressure cooker which comes in stainless steel.

Hard Anodised Alumunium body

Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Most experts recommend this variety. A layer of alumunium oxide is deposited over the alumunium sheet though electrolysis thus making it:

Futura from Hawkins is one pressure cooker which comes in hard anodised body.



Dishwasher Safe

If you have a dishwasher then you should check whether the cooker is dishwasher safe or not. This would ensure that you can clean the pressure cooker in a dishwasher.


Modern pressure cookers have following features to make it safe


  • New Model: If you are buying a pressure cooker , make sure it is not an older design as they may lack some safety features.
  • Standard Safety Marks: Look for a pressure cooker with an ISI mark.
  • Right Size:When buying a pressure cooker, keep the size of your family in mind - a 5-litre cooker will suffice for a family of four.
  • Good Construction: It doesn’t help to save time if your food ends up scorched because of hot spots in the metal of your pressure cooker. Invest in a good cooker with a heavy 3-ply base to ensure even cooking.
  • Solid Handles: When you’re dealing with a very hot pressure cooker, good, solid handles are a must. Look for one long handle with a shorter helper handle on the other side of the pot. Make sure that the handles feel solid and are firmly attached.

    Capacity (in litres)
    Rating (out of 5)
    5 Aluminum 4.2 Rs. 1,080.00
    (MRP: Rs. 1,500.00)
    3 Aluminium 4.0 Rs. 685.00
    (MRP: Rs. 989.00)
    1.5 Aluminum 4.2 Rs. 722.00
    (MRP: Rs. 735.00)
    3.3 Aluminium 4.4 Rs. 1,492.15
    (MRP: Rs. 1,560.00)
    3 Aluminium 4.0 Rs. 920.00
    (MRP: 1,100.00)
    3 Anodized 4.2 Rs. 1,570.00
    (MRP: Rs. 1,650.00)
    3 Aluminium 4.2 Rs. 796.00
    (MRP: Rs. 1,197.00)
    3 Aluminium 4.4 Rs. 900
    2 Aluminium 4.0 Rs. 658.00
    (MRP: Rs. 799.00)




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    Pressure cooker is the best for Indian kitchens with brands like Prestige, Hawkins, Pigeon, Butterfly and others to choose from.The buying guide covers extensively about brands,price lists,reviews,capacity,models,specifications and features for India.
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