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The rangehood may not be the prettiest element of your kitchen but it plays an integral role in exporting unwanted smells from your cooking area. We have outlined rangehood features you should consider, along with the pros and cons of different types to ensure you choose the right one for your kitchen.


All rangehoods come with a filter. Choose one that can be clipped in and out easily and is dishwasher-safe. If you choose a recirculating rangehood there will also be a carbon filter that will need cleaning every six-12 months.
Halogen lights have traditionally been the most popular for overhead lighting in rangehoods. However, neon, or fluorescent lights are becoming popular as they last longer and provide a clear, white light. Two globes are generally better than one and make sure they are easy to replace.
You have a choice between sliding and pushbutton controls on the front; retractable units where the further you pull the hood out, the higher the fan speed; and electronic controls. The latter are more expensive but you have the advantage of being able to see the fan speed and light brightness at a glance.
Ducted versus recirculating
Ducted rangehoods vent steam and odours outside through the ceiling or a wall. These are far more effective but installation is more expensive and it can sometimes be difficult. The alternative is a recirculating rangehood where the steam and odour is recirculated through a carbon filter and back into the room. The carbon filter must be changed regularly for it to be effective.


Fixed rangehoods are the traditional type used in most households.

Retractable / slide out
Retractable hoods have a frame or bar that you slide out to cover the cooking area. When you have finished cooking you slide it back in, out of sight.
Canopy rangehoods can be wall-mounted or island-mounted. They were traditionally used in industrial kitchens but have become popular for domestic use.

Rangehood Buying Guide

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