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Sofa Buying Guide

Buying a new sofa couch is a difficult task with so many options available in the market. You will need to consider style, fabric, frame material, comfort and cost. Use our set of tips to help you choose the perfect sofa for your living room.


Traditional sofa

Traditional Sofa
The average sofa is for seating three people comfortably and is the piece most often chosen for the living room.

Sofa bed / Convertible sofa

Sofa bed / Convertible Sofa
Sofa bed or convertible sofa can be converted into an extra bed that can be used for guests. This is ideal when space in your house is limited and people come to your house for sleepovers.


Loveseat Sofa These sofas can seat two people and are perfect for smaller rooms.


Divan Sofa
These are sofas without a back, generally placed against a wall with pillows added for comfort.


Settee Sofa
This is a form of loveseat. It usually has a wood frame, open arms, and an upholstered seat.

Sectional sofa

Sectional Sofa
These are long sofas that can be separated into several sections and repositioned to fit the room. These are ideal for large rooms or for seating large number of people.



Think about what the couch is for - will it be used by all the family, sit in the hallway or be a centrepiece in the ''good room''?
Keep the decor of your home in mind when deciding. Will it match the rest of the furniture?
Beware of trendy styles that are likely to go out of fashion in a couple of years. Achieve timelessness by choosing a traditional style.

Sofa Fabric

Once you've decided on the style you need to choose a fabric type.
Light-coloured fabrics look good but stain easily. It's worthwhile getting removable covers so you can clean them.
Multi-coloured fabrics hide stains well, while block colours show stains.
Ask to see a fabric swatch. You can then see what other fabrics look like and also feel them.

Fabric Types

Natural Materials
Fabric Type Description
Leather Leather is one of the most popular sofa materials.
It is strong and durable, easy to clean, and becomes softer over time.
Leather is good for families prone to spillages.
Leather does not stand up well to sharp objects and can be damaged easily.
Leather tends to feel sticky in hot or humid weather.
Cotton Pros
Cotton is a popular choice for sofas in quieter locations and has options of better looks than synthetics.
Cotton is not as stain resistant or durable as synthetics. It can easily wrinkle also.
It wears fast and tends to trap dirt in the grooves in the fabric.
Linen Linen has similar characteristics to cotton.
It is a great option for homes without small children and pets, or for sofas used in more formal settings.
It is not the most durable fabric.
Wool Pros
Wool is durable and beautiful.
It is expensive than other fabrics and fairly rare as sofa upholstery.
Silk Pros
Silk is smooth and sleek. It is elegant and rich making it perfect for a room that is not used often.
It is fragile and difficult to maintain.

Blends and Synthetics
Fabric Type Description
Microfiber Pros
Microfiber is a type of very fine polyester that is soft but durable, easy to clean, and competitively priced.
It is extremely closely woven and does not allow pet hair to stick to it.
Faux Leather Pros
Faux leather is artificial leeather. It looks rich and luxurious like real leather but is less expensive.
Chenille Pros
Chenille looks elegant and is stronger than other fabrics.
It can be made from cotton, but is often created from synthetic materials like rayon or olefin.
Acrylics Pros
Acrylic fibers are soft and similar to wool. They are very durable, and stain, wrinkle, and fade resistant, as well as affordable.


Sit on the couch. Get other family members to test it with you as well.
Is it wide enough? Does it make you slouch? Or does it make you never want to leave it?


A sofa should last you 10 years or more, so good-quality construction is important.
Timber frames are best and they should be screwed together. As a general rule, the heavier the couch, the higher quality of frame. So try to lift it. If it's light then the quality won't be very high.


You should measure the length and width of your living room. The sofa size should be based on this. Considerations for space used for TV, center table and other furnitures and accessories should be made. The dining place should also be separated if you have a common dining place and living room.


Deciding on the style of sofa is important as it should look synchronous with your house decoration and also any other furniture that you may have. The style can be modern or elegant Indian style depending on your taste.


The color of the sofa should be in conjuction with the room wall colors and colors of the other furniture.

Cushions and upholstery

Sit on the couch to see how the cushions feel. Do the cushions stay in place or do they sink or slide forward at an uncomfortable angle?
A single seating panel allows as many people to sit on the couch as you like but you'll have to clean the whole thing when spillages occur.
Splitting the seating into two or three cushions usually means the seating is limited to that number. However, if there is a spillage you can just clean that cushion rather than the entire couch.




Sofas vary in price from as little as Rs. 5,000 all the way up to Rs. 8,00,000 or more.
Work out your budget and then stretch it as far as is comfortable - you don't want to be replacing your sofa in three years' time.


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