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What you should look for when buying a toilet and the pros and cons of different toilet types.
The toilet is not likely to be a feature piece in the home, but it is, of course, essential. When selecting a toilet for your home, water efficiency should be a priority. You should also consider style, noise and cost. Here we explain the features to consider when choosing a toilet and the pros and cons of different types.


Water efficiency

All toilets are required to have a 6/3 (litre) dual-flush system, which offer the option of a full flush or half flush. Toilets traditionally used up to 11 litres per flush - and went through more water than any other household appliance - so if you have an old toilet suite in your home, consider replacing it soon.


The toilet shouldn't be a feature of your bathroom. Choose one that blends in with the décor. There is a huge range of features on offer including smooth sides, hidden plumbing, and plastic, timber and ceramic finishes.
The water closet should not be the first thing you see when you enter the bathroon. This should be installed in a corner or behind the door where it is hidden from view.


Choose a toilet with a quiet flushing mechanism and avoid being woken up by a flushing sound in the middle of the night. Noise level is determined by the type of valve in the toilet suite. The valve controls the flow pressure, flush volume and flow rate. These need to be low for a quiet toilet.


As with any item in the home, basic toilets will be cheaper than the latest cutting-edge versions. If your budget is tight but you want an attractive toilet, go for a basic toilet suite and spruce it up with a fashionable seat.



The pan of these toilets bolts directly to the wall using a bracket. It is a minimal look.

Close-coupled suite

The pan and cistern of these toilets are ''coupled'' closely together.

Link suite

Link-suite toilets are the original toilet design. The cistern is fixed to the wall and a connector "link" conceals the flush pipe.


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