Walls, Ceilings & Terrace

Ceiling Options

A ceiling can transform the look and feel of a room completely. Here are different ceiling options that will help you create the perfect setting for your home.

Cosy Cottage

You have always longed for a quiet little cottage in the middle of a meadow. But it has remained just a dream. Well, a wooden ceiling is your answer!

Wooden ceilings are made of plywood. They can be either polished or varnished. But if regular polishing is too much for you, have the ceiling laminated or veneered. Then all you will need to do is give it a wipe once in a while.

It will cost you anywhere from Rs.180 to Rs.250 per sq. ft. depending on the design.

Luxury Shamiana

Fancy fine dining and ballroom dancing? If yes, the tent ceiling is just the thing for you. It goes perfectly with a Victorian style decor.

This ceiling is made from cloth and is gathered at the centre for that pavilion effect. It could also be made from long strips of cloth. Use soft, free falling fabrics like organza, silk or satin in colours like ivory, wine-red, navy or gold.

It will look great in your living or dining room. It would also complement a romantic bedroom well. Suspend a riveting chandelier from the centre and you are ready to go. But make sure the room is large enough with a sufficiently high ceiling.

The only thing about it is that it requires a lot of maintenance and a centrally air-conditioned home. 

Moulded Tops

If you don't have too big a budget, opt for a Plaster Of Paris ceiling. It costs about Rs.35 to Rs.40 per sq. ft.

Include fancy spot lighting and moulded borders. You could paint the borders in a contrasting colour.

If you think that is too simple go for the Plaster Of Paris suspended ceiling. Like the name suggests, it is about 6 inches to a foot below the actual ceiling. You can have concealed coloured lighting.

Another option is a gypsum board ceiling. It costs about Rs.60 per sq. ft. but the quality, strength and finish is much better.

Whether it is fancy moulding or a dome shape, both Plaster of Paris and gypsum board ceilings can be uniquely designed.

Peaceful Cocoon

If you have a home theatre room, you might want to have an acoustical tile ceiling. It is a great way to soundproof the room.

These tiles are generally available in a 2 ft. by 2 ft. size and are modular. It costs approximately Rs.100 to Rs.350 per sq. ft.

You could choose either fibreboard or aluminium perforated tiles.

Dazzling Beauty

Don't you just love the coloured neon lights in a discothèque? A glass ceiling is all you need to give your home that dazzling look.

Choose an interesting patterned stained glass supported by wooden rafters or brass studs. You could have frosted or etched glass too.

Don't forget to include bright lighting from the inside to create that stunning effect. You could have disco lights too, if this ceiling is for the bar area or dance floor.

Depending on the kind of glass you choose, you could land up paying anywhere from Rs.60 to Rs.400 per sq. ft.