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Center Table Buying Guide

A beautiful living room is a pleasin view. The center table is the simplest and best viewed focal point here. The centre table is also known as coffee table.


The selection of center table is done with following points in mind - size, shape, design and material.


The size of the table should be right for the room and enough to allow free movement.


The shape can be square, rectangular, oval, round.


The design should be synchronous to the decor and personal taste.


The selection criteria is generally based on overall theme although it need not be dictated by those criteria.


A traditional decor is best matched by a grand centre table. A heavily carved table is perfect over here. Rajasthani centre tables are famous all over for their traditional allure. A nifty combination of wood and brass is used in these tables. Often the tabletop is a collage of colorful tiles backed by the solidity of a wood base. Inlay work on tabletops look traditional and are exquisite. These are available in wood and marble tops. Generally, a wood base can be complemented with tabletops made from other materials like marble, glass or brass. Certain objects can be converted into the base of the table while retaining the traditional appeal. An old wooden cradle can be put upside down and covered with glass to make an exquisite center table. Wood chests are also used as center tables. They are often embellished with brass studs and are used for storage too. Sometimes, the storage are simplified by modifying the chest to hold drawers. Musical instruments like table can also be modified to double up as center tables.


A contemporary center table is nice for a modern and sophisticated decor. Generally, rectangular, oval, and square shapes are suitable for this style. Solid geometrical shapes in wood possessing straight and simple lines devoid of any curves are suitable for this decor style. Often, two or three shapes can be mixed. For instance, a square base may have a circular tabletop that is resting on a sphere in between the base and the top. Glass is another material that lends a contemporary look and feel. An all glass table opens up the space with a clear base and tabletop, heightening the modern look. A glass tabletop combined with a sleek metal or wood base can also be used effectively. A metal and glass combination works well. Although a contemporary style does not encourage embellishments, simple metal caps at the base of the legs will give a modern touch to otherwise plain wood table. Simple patterns and lines work best in this theme.


An eclectic style is an amalgamation of contemporary functions and traditional aesthetics. Wicker tables with glass tops are popular in this style as are low wood tables with shallow niches in the tabletop. These niches can be filled with potpourri, glass pebbles or river stones. This kind of table is popular in all themes including the minimalist theme. Alternately, a collage of family pictures can be placed on wood tabletop and then covered with a glass sheet. An ordinary theme can include a vividly painted table in vibrant and whacky motifs. A painted tabletop may also include a board game like chess on it. In a monochrome decor, a black and white chess board will offer an interesting look. Metals like wrought iron are used to make bespoke patterns. Customization results in unusually beautiful center tables. For instance, a glass top resting on a metal base which is fashioned to look like a branched tree will certainly beautify the space.

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