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Cleaning Kitchen without Chemicals

It has long been no secret that the vast majority of cleaners, powders, bleaches, sprays and other household "utility" bring us more harm than good. Some of them, for example, contain formaldehyde (a recognized carcinogen and contributes to the emergence of cancer.) Almost all detergents pollute the air of our homes chemicals that are harmful to health. Coming into contact with the hands, they can cause allergies, the bundle of nails, irritability, etc. And if you do not know what to do if exfoliate nails or problems with the hands - look in the cupboard under the sink.

Cleaning Kitchen without chemicals

Of course, to completely abandon the household today, many will not. However, for the sake of your own health is to reduce their use to a minimum, back to the good old antiquated methods of cleaning without chemicals.

Cleaning the kitchen

For everyday dishwashing optimally use dry mustard. Mustard dish irreplaceable. She is an excellent degreasing the surface, rinse well.

If you need to clean up the bottom of the pot, for example, or to clean up glitter cup - perfect plain baking soda for cookware of any zagryanennosti.

And the best and at the same time safe dishwashing liquid - soda and mustard in a ratio of 1:3, respectively. Mix both in powder and vsypte cleaning powder from the container with holes in the lid. Convenient to use. And then look at the recipes and photos on the internet, and most want to cook it all. But how then do the dishes - the photo does not do ;)

To remove rust spots from any utensils, as well as polishing silverware your regular lemon. If you want to remove limescale in the kettle, use a typical vinegar. To do this, fill the kettle with vinegar and water in a ratio of about 1:2, close the spout (you can make a "traffic jam" of paper) and pokipyatit it as much as the need to scale gone. Then wash.

Using natural products to clean your home you will not be afraid of the unknown poisoning you Chemicals, which is full of lavish modern household chemicals.