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Colors in the kitchen

Color is a very important element of the design in general, and especially for the kitchen. The successful combination will create a feeling of harmony and comfort, and the flowers themselves can affect the mood and even the appetite. The traditional colors of the kitchen - shades of brown, peach, yellow, sand.

This is the natural color of wooden furniture, floors and doors.

Colors in the kitchen

Brown - in itself a neutral color and shades of tan create a warm relaxed atmosphere, evoke comfort, have a leisurely meal in the family or circle of friends.

But the darker shades of brown and black kitchen desirable - they depress appetite and visually reduce the room. And other colors are perceived by some dark shades depressing.

Very stylish, very beautiful - but live, cook and enjoy food in a "dark kingdom" difficult. After all, purple is notorious for dropping the.

Also deemed unsuitable for the kitchen a bright blue color, which is so far removed from the natural color of food, and rich red. This color is the first 20 minutes and recharges the energy efficiency increases, and then tiring and annoying.

Yellow and orange colors - cheerful, they, along with soft shades of red - coral, pink and maroon, increase appetite, promote better digestion.

Blue - the house is cool, calm and peace.

White - the color of elegance, freshness and purity. However, when white begins to resemble a white hospital rest, it is not a very pleasant feeling.

Gray color of medium intensity and focus will help to restore order.

Green - the color of peace and harmony, makes people more efficient and does not tire the eyes. And for a romantic intimate candlelit evening perfect dining area in the deep blue-green tones or shades of Wenge and Canaletto.

Incidentally the effect of colors on people is not always the same. So, melancholic introvert warm colors (red, coral pink, yellow, orange and shades) will help to raise efficiency, short-tempered and irritable extrovert can balance their gusts of cold colors of the spectrum (blue, green, soft shades of blue).

Color of the interior not only affects appetite and mood, but also can increase or decrease the optical dimensions of the room.

Too rich - red-orange, yellow, bright ocher - visually narrow room, and blue, it seems, moves the wall.