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Crystals for Home Decor

Crystals have been used for their beauty for long and today many items from crystals lke decorative items, rhinestones, crystal adornments, chandeliers are made.
Crystals nowadays are cut, faceted, colored and have many layers added for beautification.Apart from jewelry, crystals also have beomce an important interior decor element.


Lighting offer a lot of varieties for crystals. Chandeliers are most popular form of crystal embedded lighting. Crystal chandeliers are valued for light they give and sparkle they add to the rooms.
In the last few years, colored crystal chandeliers have grown in popularity. Vibrant colored crystal chandeliers add glamour to your room. Crystals are used in modern lighting techniques like fiber opttics and LEDS.
Some popular brands have introduced LEDs that create illussion of starry night-sky. Crystal panels are customized but can be used on wall coverings, ceilings, and with signage and lettering.
Crystals can also be used with mirrors to play with optical effects and intensify the effects of light. Crystals can also be part of down-lights, recessed spotlights and illuminated crystal panels.
Lamp shades embedded with crystals can add a glow to your room. You can select amongst a lot of lamp shades, designers experiment with a lot of patterns and designs. Depending on whether your house has traditional or contemporary decor, you can go for heavily embedded or minimalist lamp shade respectively.


Crystals are objects of decor and with crystal several home objects can become elegant decor items. Clocks embedded with crystals add radiance to walls. Vases wrapped with crystal lining or embedded with crystals look stunning on a center table. Curtains also can have crystals. Crystals can be used anywhere from center tables to bathrooms to candle stands to picture frames to jewelry trinket boxes, mirror sets.


The common crystals are: Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Tourmaline, Malachite, Brown and Green Agate, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Labradorite, Citrine, Yellow Onyx, Amber, Orange Calcite, Jasper.
Pick amethysts and rose quartz crystals as these are most easily found.


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