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Door Frame Tips

Door frames are designed to enclose doorways. A door frame usually include a horizontal beam called the header that runs along the door’s top. Another horizontal beam called the sill that runs along the door’s bottom. The stiles which are the parts that vertically runs along the sides; and the bead that runs around the door frame’s interior, and which is the part of the door frame that a door closes against.

The safest door frames are those which are part of the actual structure of a home as they come solid and built-in. Every home owner needs to consider their door frame when they choose their doors. Some doors that are not standard can be oversized in width and height so having the correct measurement of the door frame is essential.

There are several types of door frames to match different door types.
Steel frames provide the best security when combined with fiberglass or steel doors. These will be reasonably resistant to forced entry.
However, for wooden door frames, heavy-steel strike plates that have long screws are essential, to strongly anchor the frame. Strike plates should also be reinforced in order to seal off air space between the door and the door frame.

Tips to Frame Door


Wooden door frame

Wood is the most popular choice for construction of door and window frames. Wooden frames give architectural beauty to the building and are easy to maintain. There are many types of wood according to the quality. The type of wood is used according to the requirement of the building and availability of budget.

Aluminum Door Frames

Now a days aluminum door and window frames are mostly used in commercial and offices complex, high class buildings to give architectural view to enhance the beauty and smooth working. These frames give beautiful looks, require no painting and less maintenance cost and are free from termite attack, rusting problems etc.

Iron Frame

Iron frames in door and windows are used in low cost buildings. These frames are safe from termite attack. There are three types of iron door frames.

Angle iron door frame

These door frames are made from angle iron of size 40 mmX40 mmX6 mm. Iron hinges are welded with frame. The joints should be flush welded and ground smooth with grinder. The frame should be true to right angle. Priming coat should be done before fixing the frame.

T. Iron door frame

These frames are made from T. Iron and all other procedure is the same as for angle iron door frame.

Pressed steel door frames

These frames are manufactured from mild steel sheet 1.25 mm thickness. Iron hinges are welded with frame. The length of vertical post should be 40 mm extra long as compared to opening for embedding in the floor. The joints should be flush welded and grinded smooth with grinder.
The back side of frame is filled with cement concrete 1:3:6 before fixing. Priming coat is done before fixing. The size of pressed steel door frame = 89 X 50 MM, 76 X 38 MM, 127 X50 MM, 114 X 50 MM available in the market

Every door needs a door frame, like a house needs a door; it is always essential to make sure that door frames exactly match the size of your door. Additionally, the material that a door frame is made of will determine its usefulness; choose door frames that do not only match your door, but give you the strong quality as well.

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