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Door - General Tips

We look at how to install and store a door along with common pitfalls to watch out for.
Installing a door is by no means impossible for the average person, but a poorly installed door can cause problems. We look at why you should get an expert to fit a perfectly square door. But first, let's see the things you need to take into account about your rooms when you're looking for a door for them.

Expert advice



Get your new door home quickly so that it does not excessively warp or twist. Don't leave it in the back of a truck, on a roof rack, in a freshly plastered area, or anywhere it might get hot, wet or damp.
If you are not hanging your door straight away store in a dry, well ventilated area. Make sure it's stored flat. Cover your door with a protective sheet but ensure there is ventilation between the door and the protective sheeting.
When being moved, doors should be lifted and carried, not dragged. They should be handled with clean hands to prevent any finger marks on the surface.

Installation tips and pitfalls

The most important part of installing any door is ensuring all angles are square and level. You can use a sprit level and square to do this.

Hinged doors

The tricky part about hinged doors is making them fit the door frame.

Sliding doors

Installation methods for sliding doors, particularly more complex folding doors, can vary.

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