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Electrical Safety in Bathrooms

Electricity is probably one of the most useful things today. We have so many things at our command, with just a flick of a switch. However, it can be dangerous if not handled properly, especially in wet areas such as the bathroom. As the rainy season has approached, here are some tips on how to keep you bathroom shock-safe.

Generally, electricity and water are a disastrous combination. Water and electricity do not go together, so avoid wet hands at all costs while operating any electrical appliance or switch.

Do not work in a damp or moist area nor store all electrical appliances in a dump area. In case your appliance gives a shock, do not use it until the fault has been rectified.

If you touch an energized bare wire of faulty appliance while you are grounded, electricity will instantly pass through to the ground causing a harmful or fatal shock. Remember not to let the cord lie over wet or hot surfaces or concealed under carpets and mats. This can damage their insulation, which can lead to short circuits and shocks.

Tips to keep your bathroom a safe place

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