Vaastu & Feng Shui
Bring eight types of luck, education, career, children, wealth, etc. kept in any corner it activates that corner. Keep it in South-East of your living room for the finance luck. It is for the family harmony that everyone craves for it.
This includes 6 different types of stones, etc. This is to be kept in the South-West or in the North-East hidden in a cupboard. It is excellent way of attracting wealths for its owner.
They should be used in pairs and to kept in South-Cast to bring prosperity to the family.
Absorb negative energy. Can place it in the South-West, North-East or the centre of the house. They should be dipped in the rock salt and kept in the sun of seven days and then used individually.
Keep it in your North-West to increase wealth luck and to magnifying the metallic energies of NW and also in your wealth direction according to your kua number. Place as many as you can it your wealth corner.
Place it in the North for career luck and SC for finance luck can be placed in your office or living room. 9 fishes symbolizes abundance.
The fu dogs are to be placed outside the main door on either sides or just main door for getting positive energy in the house or office and also to ward off evil eye or spirit.
Rose Quartz (Pink): Rids the heart, helps cleared stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy. Aids development of forgiveness, compassion, love known as "Love Stone". Amethyst (Purple): Alleviates mental stress. Healing calming mental effect, enhances the dream state, excellent for meditation. To counter negative energy.
Plants and Flowers

Plants and fresh flowers give the house a fresh and lively atmosphere. According to feng shui expert Manish Potdar, all plants have a positive effect on life. But it is better to avoid thorny plants like cactus as they attract poisonous energy. This can have a negative affect on your life.

The bamboo plant maintains prosperity in the house. It should be placed in the south east direction. They look very attractive and are available at several hyper stores.

Fresh flowers have been a part of home decoration from a very long time. But in feng shui yellow and white flowers attract maximum positive energy. White flowers should be placed in the northern direction, while yellow flowers in the north-east. Avoid flowers with thorns. There are many more feng shui accessories, each one affects your life in a different way. But it is important to know the right way to use them.


Feng Shui Accessories

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