Vaastu & Feng Shui
Feng shui is used to attract positive energy into the house. Feng shui accessories look pretty and their power of affecting life makes them an important part of your home décor.
Wind Chimes
Chimes are very common and easily available at various hyper stores. Wind chimes enhance chi energy in the house. 5 rod wind chimes are used to deflect a 'poison arrow' structure. 6 rod wind chimes enhance good luck. To be put in North-West corner.
Wind chimes with metal rods are commonly found, but one with bamboo rods will be a unique choice. Bamboo wind chimes must be in the south-east direction.
Chinese Coins
If you are facing a financial crisis, this home accessory might help you. Chinese coins are known for attracting wealth and prosperity.
Tie up 3 coins with red ribbon and keep yang side up and keep in your Wallet.
If you are buying loose coins, tie them with a red ribbon and hang them inside the front door. Decorative wall hangings made of Chinese coins and red ribbons are easily available. Place In the cash box stick it on the cash register. Stick it on to the South-Cast of your office desk. Tie up 6 coins with red ribbon & stick it on the North-West wall of your living room. For traders who do their business via phones, stick 3 coins on phones.
Metal Turtle
The turtle is a creature that brings only fortune to any household that has it. The turtle is a symbol of longevity, it simply does the wonders for the luck of house and brings fortunes, career opportunities and also a symbol of support and protection. It is to be placed in the North of your house in small container half filled with water.
Laughing Buddha
The laughing Buddha maintains a happy atmosphere at home. Laughing buddhas are excellent for wealth luck and bring happiness & fulfillment. It also helps you to achieve your goals by taking away hurdles from the way and supports and protects you from the evil eye. The happy expression on its face makes it look extremely adorable.
The laughing Buddha should be placed facing the front door of your living room. It also makes an excellent gift for your loved ones.
The celestial dragon is the most powerful symbol of good fortune. A dragon brings excellent overall luck if placed in the eastern corner of your house.
Metal dragons (as shown in the image) can be found in selected outlets. They are available in different sizes. Remember that the size does not affect its powers.
Feng shui fountains bring wealth to the family. They can be placed in north, east or south-east directions.
They are used to create positive energy in any room, they are good for energising the rooms with good vibrant positive energy.
Gods of health, wealth and prosperity. Displaying them anywhere in house gets good health luck and overall luck and overall guard against any fatal disease and tragic accidents. Keep it in Cast for good health.
Enhances luck in education & the process of gaining knowledge. To be placed on the study table or North east corner of the house; in libraries or class rooms.
A pair of mandrain ducks positioned in the home is very auspicious for romantic, love and happy marriage. To be kept in South-West of the bedroom or living room. They are love enhancers and are the most potent symbol of marital bliss.


Feng Shui Accessories

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