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Fireplace mantles administer the decor of the room. The mantles is a permanent fixture, and everything else in the room is placed and designed accordingly.A wide variety of materials can be used for building a fireplace. The materials that can serve as an ideal basis for the construction of the fireplace are highlighted.


Stone mantles are one of the most traditional fireplace mantle materials and are still used.
Stones differ according to color, texture ,hardness and geography. Marble, limestone, slate, granite and sandstone are stones used for fireplace mantles usually.
Stone is non-combustible unlike wood and therefore is much safer to use.
They requie low maintenance compared to other mantels as they do not need regular cleaning and are more durable.


Itís traditionally used in the mouth of the fireplace and has an established synonym with luxury and sophistication. Though normally seen on classical fireplaces, thereíre also contemporary interpretations of the fireplace, forging a new aesthetic idiom.


Though itís flammable, it can be treated to become fireproof. Its use is restricted to cladding, often in the form of pans on the front of the fireplace. Itís also used for custom-made shelves and closets on the front and sides of the fireplace.
The wood mantle is popular, because there are so many things that can be done with it. There are many different types of wood that can be used to make own custom designed mantles. People like Oak or Maple or Cherry as wood of choice. The choice of wood depends on the look and feel you want for the fireplace.


Due to their exceptional fireproofing properties, theyíre ideal for building fire. Theyíre also popular as exterior cladding to create an unfinished look. This sits well in urban spaces, especially when industrial bricks are used.
Brick was a common material utilized for the facing or surround of fireplaces in the past. But nowadays, brick has gone out of style.


This can be extremely striking as a fireplace material with cast iron, stainless steel and copper as the most common types used. Cast iron is the most suitable for monolithic fireplaces, cast in a single piece. Sometimes left bare, it can also be painted in a dark color to emphasize its stark physical presence and allow the essential elements of the fireplace to stand out.


Exterior of fireplaces made from cement or bricks can be coated with plaster, which softens the contours and unifies the ensemble by endowing with an impeccable white finish.


These are durable and fireproof. People use tiles with hand-painted designs to decorate the upper panel above the mantelpiece.

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