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Floor Cushions Buying Guide

If you are bored of conventional furniture and seating in the house, you can look at floor cushions as a viable option. Floor cushions nowadays are classy, stylish, affordable and comfortable.


These days furnitures that last a life time are not in vogue and hence floor cushions have become popular. Also, in absense of space, these are very handy seating option.
These are available in various colors and designs and hence can go with your interior setting. And since these are not bulky they can be used anywhere in the house. The change of cover can also entirely changes the look of the cushion.



Along with a back cushion, you can look at various color combinations.


The size of the cushions can vary. And you can look at joining multiple square and rectangle cushions for comfort as well.


Ranging from square, rectangular and cylindrical, they can also be made to order in various other shapes like mushroom, plants or animals for children.

They can also be elevated a few feet above the ground to give a feel like a chair.


There are various padding options ranging from cotton,feather, sponge, wool, staple fibre and non-woven material.

Cushion Covers

Cushion covers can be in plains colors, checks, embroidery, the choices are unlimited. Maintaining them also is easy as they can be brushed or vacuumed clean. You can also try leather coverings for an elegant look.


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