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Flowers for Interior Decoration

Real flowers can bring various hues to the living space. You can choose the right colors, flower species, height, and the mix of foliage to complement your decor beautifully. They work well in clutter-free environment with light shade walls and not too elaborate furniture. Small, stemless flowers, allowed to float in basin/bowl of water when kept on the dining table or near the main entrance bring goof Feng Shui.


You can choose a bunch of fresh and exotic long-stemmed lilies in hues of lavendar, pink or red from the local market and keep them either on your dining table or side table. Or else, you can decide to make a few paper flowers using craft crepe paper, and stick them onto long brown sticks. Flower arrangements that have a circle of wire or a twist of foliage about them create maximum impact. Ikebana flower arrangements help to enhance your spaces. Abstain from keeping artificial or plastic flowers indoors as these are dead giveaways and can get monotonous after a while. Even a bunch of wild flowers from the garden can give a room a facelift. These create an accent much better than any piece of furniture to give an instant makeover.


Flower motifs are classic symobols of elegance, beauty and style. You find floral printed table cloths, bed linen, floral accessories such as glass table cloth holders, napkin holders made of either paper, felt or glass flowers tied in wire, flowers embedded in aromatic candles, beaded flowers in a vase and various home decor knick-knacks, and they all look pretty. Floral-embossed tableware is also in vogue. Traditional flowers such as lotus, chrysanthemums, frangipani, marigold or the rose are the muse for many designers. These flowers infused in natural earth tones or in tones of gold, silver or copper look splendid.


Modern contemporary artwork often depicts flower prints. These are usually magnified images of wild poppies, tulips, lotus, bird of paradise, wild lilies, roses, bougainvillaea, petunia or any other flower icon. Natue inspired leaves and twigs are also popular, and these are displayed in various interiors like hotel rooms,  homes and restaurants. Botanical flower, plant drawing and etchings  are other favourite images that are hung in many homes. Graphic, abstract floral prints depict modernity and would be welcomed in modern setting.


Flowers on textile are classic reproductions and have a timeless appeal. They can be used for upholstery, drapes, floor rugs, carpets, cushion covers, and even on sarees and kurtas. Heavily-embroidered or block-printed flowers are part of almost every accessory from shoes, bags to coasters, scarves, and shawls. Large floral prints are preferred nowadays as opposed to earlier days. where it used to be small prints for almost everything.


You can create your own flower icons on your home accesories. You can dress up existing table lamps and pendant lights with a string of ferry light flowers or you can make crepe flowers in any color that you like. You can even hand-paint flowers on a table cloth or hang up flower posters in your room. Only thing to remember when you bring floral design indoors is that you don't overdo it. Try and mix it with solid or pastel hues and try to use one or two icons in large size rather than clutter your space with too many small floral designs. Try small doses before you bring it every room.

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