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Folding Doors for Dividing Space

Folding wooden doors can be used to allow privacy and create an atmosphere to shut distractions while improving the decor also. The folding door screens work as a subtle room dividers or seperators that does not disturb the flow of the room which a curtain or blind might do.


Carved wood doors are custom made with teak wood having fabric embeshed within the folds. Shoji screens like the ones made in Japan are made with rice paper and are translucent, light and easy to move, They can be used to completely or partially partition the room, easily sliding away as and when required. Folding wood doors can be made by carpenters as well.
There are also folding doors made of alumnium and PVC. The alumnium doors may be heavy and can cause scratches if it falls so it is not a good option if you want the folding door to be moved around a bit.


You can create zones between dining and TV area or sitting room and dining area by using door screens. These enables no disturbance between people engaged in different activities.

These folding doors can also hide an appliance like a refrigerator or furniture like a sofa in the kitchen or cluttered work table effectively.

These can also be moved from one area as and when needed. However, you need to be careful to ensure that this are safely kept to avoid falling over children.

In high rise buildings you can use folding doors to seperate living room and the balcony, they will need to be fitted suitably.

You can also use folding door to seperate out an open kitchen from dining area. This can enable you to hide the mess if guests come over.

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