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Glues, adhesives, expoxies... they're all substances that chemically attach two or more surfaces together. The right glue can make any fix quicker and longer lasting.

Some glues, like multipurpose silicone rubber glue, can work with several different materials under a wide range of conditions. Here are some types of glues for you to consider:

Multipurpose Glues

From white school glue to hot-melt glue, these adhesives will serve most everyday fastening needs.

Wood Glues

To work with wood, these adhesives form a stronger bond and are usually more resistant to water.

Glass and Ceramic Glues

Most adhesives will work on these materials, but these glues are tailored specifically for these smooth surfaces.

Metal Glues and Fillers

Unlike other adhesives, these work best as patches and fillers, such as for sealing pipes.

Plastic Glues

Some adhesives contain a solvent that dissolves plastic, so these specialized glues are in order.