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Why use a handsaw? Well, you've made your measurement. You've chosen your material. It's time to cut. What you need now is a saw, and if you want to your whole body into it, then a handsaw is the way to go.

A wide selection of handsaws is available to perform a variety of cutting tasks.

Crosscut Saw

Cut across the grain of wood with this common handsaw.


It looks like a crosscut saw, but this handsaw rips through the grain of wood like a chisel.


This saw has a stiff blade, making it ideal for angle cuts and trimming molding.

Keyhole Saw

With a removable blade, this saw is used for cutting openings that are too large for a drill.

Coping Saw

The thin blade of this saw allows the user to make contoured or smooth fine-line cuts.


When you need to cut metal, plastic, or pipe, this saw fits the bill.