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Hanging Garden for Small Spaces

If you do not have ample space for garden or live in an apartmenr you can consider a hanging garden, specially in your balcony There are many innovations in floral display and these striking arrangements are easy to create and maintain and look good as well.

A hanging garden can appeal to a large number of people. These arrangements not only save space, but also energy and are not expensive. Since most of the arrangements are at suitable height, they are free from pests and minimize any strain related to conventional gardening.


Start by deciding where you will put your hanging garden. These arrangements can be made indoors or outdoors. They can droop over balconies or drip sensuously over the edges of hanging baskets. A strong branch on the tree outside your house can be transformed to a focal point with bursts of color attractively arranged in wicker or ceramic. Levels of sunlight and shade would determine the kinds of plants you can use, as also the frequency in watering them. Since these arrangements also disguise imperfections over the facade of your home, they can be strategically placed to balance aesthetics with function.


A wide variety of plants, ferns or shrubs, annual or perennials, can be used to decorate your garden. Keep in mind though, that the focus is on color, and contrasts are a pretty sight. Also, try and experiment with lighter and darker shades of the same color in your arrangement. Ferns balance striking colors with fresh, luscious green that is essential to any floral display. Stick to plants that droop over the edges in healthy bursts of color or climbers that gorw over the attached chains to accentuate beauty.


Baskets and Pots

Contrary to common belief, pots need not be necessarily dull and unattractive. There are a wide variety in colors, styles and materials in the market today and you have the freedom to choose baskets in wicker, wire, plastic or ceramic. Keep in mind that you may need to line these baskets with moss or coconut fibre to have them retain adequate mositure and soil. It is best to soak the moss or fibre first for a couple of hours because it will be easier to work with. Squeeze the water out and pack the moss tightly between the wires making an even layer around the basket. Fill the bottom of the basket with potting soil mixed in with compost. Poke slits in the coconut fiber where you want to insert plants. You could arrange the plants all around the pot. Place trailing plants/vines at the bottom of the pot, and hanging plants on the sides so that they cover the sides of the basket. The upright plants are planted at the top of the basket. Insert the plants into the slits and you do that, pour in more soil to hold them in the pot.

Tiered Garden

You can use a tiered garden with a simple O-ring to hang from a ceiling hook or wall bracket, from a drapery rod, from a beam or a tree limb. the Tiered Garden hanging planter will give you more space than a plant stand or a table, and takes your garden vertical.
When you hang several Tiered Garden planters side by side, you have a virtual wall of greenery, all easily turned to catch the daily lightshow and optimize the plant's light requirements.
  Tiered Garden  


Maintenance is the key to a healthy garden, as most hanging arrangements require more frequent watering than their terrestrial counterparts. Autmoted drip sytems make work easier when you have multiple displays. Ideally the soil that you decide to put should be lighter, with greater proportions of compost and coarse sand. Ensure the plants are well nourished with good fertilizers and maintain a pruning regime. For that finishing, choose attractive chains and hooks.

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