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Home Safety Tips when out of town

You need to take steps for security when you are travelling for holidays or other reasons for extended period.
  • If your maid is going to come over and clean your house every second or third day, don't leave the house keys with no matter how trustworthy she is. You don't want to give temptation. Instead, leave your house keys with a reliable neighbour and inform your maid to take the key from him and return it when she is done.
  • Don't any telltale signs that you are out of town. Inform the newspaper and milk boy that you won't need the newspaper and milk for the time you are on holiday. This way the newspapers or milk will not lie on your doorstep and let unwanted visitors know you are out.
  • Make sure to lock up your cupboards and everything in them too. Also it would be a good idea to store valuables in unexpected places. So rather than in a drawer in the cupboard, you could place your jewellery under the mattress or in a box stool and you could put money in a bookcase maybe.
  • Ask a friend or relative who lives nearby to check on your house once or twice a week especially if you are going to be away for a long time. You can return the favor when they are out of town.
  • Secure your home with a burglar alarm. If you need to, invest in one.
    Read more about burglar/intruder and other security systems here.
  • Inform your watchman that you will be out of town and to keep your mail and couriers if you do not have a mailbox. Also if your watchman knows you are not there, he will not allow strangers into the building who claim to be visiting you.
  • If yours is a monsoon getaway, make sure your windows are tightly shut. You don't want water getting in and ruining your furniture and other possessions.
  • Always leave a telephone/ mobile number that you can be reached at with relatives, friends and neighbours no matter where you are off to. You never know when an emergency might come up.
  • Check to see if all gas burners are off and then turn off the gas from the cylinder itself.
  • Check and make sure that all taps are turned off. Also make sure to turn off all the lights and fans and if possible, shut off the mains too. This way you won't have huge electricity bills when you are back.

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