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How to clean dirty cutting board

Every housewife knows how difficult it is to clean a wooden board, not only from pollution, but also the smell. Wood has the ability to absorb odors, so do not be surprised that the meat will smell like garlic when cooking, if you have not changed a cutting board.

How to clean dirty cutting board

Today we will tell you how you can efficiently and quickly clean cutting board.

Step 1. Sprinkle a little salt on a cutting board and squeeze down on the salt a few drops of lemon juice. The remaining half of lemon rub salt in the surface of the board, focusing on spots. The acid contained in lemon juice will also help to disinfect the surface.

Step 2. Sprinkle a little baking soda on the board. Wait a couple of minutes and rub the surface of the soda with a dry cloth.

Step 3. After a few seconds, rinse with warm water under the board. Dry using a hair dryer.