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How to design interiors of a small kitchen

In the kitchen, we spend a lot of time. In addition, there is, and food preparation area and dining area, and is often a place of rest and fellowship. Not surprisingly, the kitchen is compact enough problems with free space.

How to design interiors of a small kitchen

Color and Light

Use only light shades, which, although visually expand the space. If your kitchen furniture range has a warm, feel free to apply on the walls cool colors: they will further push the boundaries of the room and make it airy. Furniture cold colors (gray, blue) - looks advantageous if the wall finish - warm colors.

In no case did not save the world. One or two lamps even in small kitchen will shade the corners, i.e. minus two meter space. It is better to install a few lights around the perimeter of the ceiling, illuminating every corner. For the area of cooking and dining - nuzhem separate light source.

The work triangle

Cooking area requires constant active movement. Therefore, it is on its functional organization depends on ease of use for the whole room.

No furniture makes cooking area comfortable and perfectly matched. Ceramic hob, sink and refrigerator - these three elements, which are called "kitchen triangle." From the organization of the triangle depends convenience and security of the entire space of the room.

So, refrigerator, sink and hob - the triangle. Optimally, if the distance between the peaks in the range of 60-300 cm Using average figures - you will get the most convenient work triangle.

However, not every plan kitchen leads to a delta function. How should we act?

For narrow and elongated kitchens use linear version: the elements of the work area is located along one wall, with ceramic hob - in the center. In this case, you are free to move around and do not interfere with those who are in the area of food intake. Certainly, in the narrow kitchen is difficult to create comfort and save space, but you can always use the wall cabinets and railings that will help in keeping the food.

Square and rectangular dishes ahead of the game. Furniture arrangement can be L-or L-shaped. Place the sink, the sink in the center of the triangle, that is, in the corner of the room, and then the left of the rails can be installed for the storage of clean utensils. Depending on where there is a window, place the stove and refrigerator, but so that the opening and closing and did not cause not easy.

We do not recommend use of the kitchen island. It is especially useful when there is a large kitchen space. Otherwise it will be crowded and those who cook and those who reside in the dining area. In addition, the island itself can contain only one of the three vertices of the triangle, usually the hob, and fridge and sink are against the wall.

Furniture solutions

One of the most effective techniques for a small space - the use of the furniture, which are special devices to make room.

Furniture Lift - devices that help to open the door, located in the upper levels of the space up. Such a method - smaller than a simple swing doors. Open the door is high enough and for a while it can be left open, as it does not interfere with the free flow of the kitchen. Modern elevators - silent and have avtodovodchiki. In addition, the system can be set PUSH-CATCH: in this case, you can do without handles, the door will be opened by simply pressing.

The system of roof rails - a design consisting of a cornice (actually railing) and hooks. With it you can organize a more compact vertical wall space and interior surfaces of the cabinets. On the rails can not just hang towels or cups, but the jars of spices, tea, cereals.

Drawers on roller guides - handy if you place them in the lower tier and make them high enough. Then they can be used not only for the storage of spices and other kitchen stuff, but for dishes, pots and other utensils. Boxes, which can be completely out, allow you to quickly access the required capacity - not shifting endlessly stack pans.

Corner roundabout - a design that can be in the kitchen with an L-shaped kitchen set and take the angular position. It allows you to use the interior of the corner cabinet with maximum efficiency.


Modern range of kitchen gadgets and utensils contains quite a lot of models that are designed for compact storage. You should buy such accessories.