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How to remove smell in Kitchen

You first need to identify the sources of unpleasant "smell", then take action to neutralize them and only then proceed to clean the air. Smells in the kitchen can be divided into two groups: - Natural, inherent in raw foods and ready-made; - Resulting from improper food storage and improper sanitation and hygiene.

How to remove smell in kitchen

Cooking: flavors to taste

With the notable exception of any food product has a smell, but some have an especially sharp and sometimes not very pleasant "flavor." He often appears during cooking or frying of the product. This "sin" of cabbage dishes (such as soup), boiled dough (dumplings), chicken meat and eggs.

Specific odor have special kinds of cheese, and condiments and spices. Can irritate the flavors of vinegar, cinnamon or vanilla, not to mention the fact that for some people they are allergens.

Help prevent the spread of kitchen odors hood. If it does not, the door to the kitchen while cooking should be tightly cover and window, on the contrary, to keep open (if it is not contrary to the specific formulation of culinary creations). Cooking meals "gamy" preferably in a pot with the lid closed.

Smelly cheese made stored in a glass sealed container, spices - in containers with tightly fitting lid.

The purity and freshness - synonyms

The source of the odor may not be issued in time bin. It needs to be emptied daily, constantly running water, even if the liner is provided - polyethylene bag or paper. Of course, the best option (but not adopted, unfortunately) - take out the garbage immediately after its formation. If waste is a strong smell and quickly become rotten (eg fish or meat), it is better to put them away in plastic bags left over from shopping, and then - in the general bag or bucket.

Most sources of odors are kitchen cloths and sponges for washing dishes. Canteen is recommended to wash the towels every day, washcloths - put in a dishwasher or soak in a disinfectant solution. It is much more hygienic to use rags instead of disposable paper towels. Sponges should be replaced with new ones at least once or twice a week.

The reason for stagnation of smells in the kitchen can be broken or clogged duct ventilation. To check if it works, it is enough to attach to the grid sheet of paper, if stick, so ventilation is in order. If not, you must investigate the cause with the help of experts, public utilities.

How to get rid of bad smell

Many well-known in household substances and products have flavoring properties, absorbing odors. Water and vinegar (in the absence of allergy to vinegar) - ancient, nearly universal means for removing odors from utensils to furniture surfaces (not soft), from the refrigerator or a breadbox. Cloth soaked in a solution wipe things from the outside and the inside, then washed with water, or just aired. The solution was put in a container on a table or cabinet, purify the air of the smell of tobacco, heated in a pan on the stove - neutralizes virtually any unwanted flavors.

Coffee. Thick, poured into the bottle, remove the smell of mold. A pinch of dry ground coffee beans or a handful of clean air in the cabinet with the products. If the thick of the heat in a frying pan, a pleasant aroma fills the room, and the problem will be solved.

Placed in an open vessel, crushed charcoal cleans the air in the cabinets with food. They also wipe the dishes for the extermination of mustiness.

Well removes odors with metal utensils vegetable oil, salt, broken tea, dry mustard.