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Kitchen curtain design tips

Choosing the design of curtains for a small kitchen, you have to take into account not only their beauty and quality of the material. To pick up the curtains to put a small size is very difficult. Curtains for a small kitchen should not only protect you from prying eyes and bright light. A good window decoration can visually enlarge the space and raise the low ceiling. Not to mention that it is the design of the window in the kitchen can become a dominant feature of the interior decoration.

Kitchen Curtain Design

No matter how trivial, is generally works best - the smaller, the better. When choosing curtains for a small kitchen main task - to put the house as much as possible light. This is especially important if the interior is dominated by a small kitchen saturated hues. Almost perfect choice for the kitchen in any style - light translucent curtains of plain material. In this case, a small kitchen if filled with air. Good idea - to use for sewing curtains for the kitchen cloth companion. For example, combine the two types of tissue that are similar in tone, but different in texture or pattern.

Curtains for the kitchen - which model to choose?

Blinds in the kitchen

In small-sized kitchen look best compact and concise model. For fine dining in a minimalist style or high-tech is safe to use blinds. "Office" humor can be avoided if the order to the kitchen multifakturnye blinds. They are a unique combination of several materials and colors. Pets often resemble traditional blinds curtains with ruffles or lambrequins. Very original and spectacular version of the window decoration in a small kitchen - photo blinds. On the slats can be applied to any image that will give small kitchen additional perspective. For the kitchen in a classic style will suit lace blinds. A perfect complement of kitchen design in ethnic, for example, in Japanese style - bamboo blinds or bamboo shades. Curtain of thin wooden planochek looks wonderful in the kitchen in the style of Provence, or country. In a small kitchen is also convenient to use roller blinds.

Curtains panels for different styles of cuisine

For a window in a small kitchen is very nice curtains panel. They are very functional, and for them it is very easy to look after. The best option - to use a narrow and short curtains. In small-sized kitchen curtain material for such best pick up the tone wall finishes. However, using a contrasting color panels can achieve a very interesting visual effects. So, a few narrow curtains, contrasting in color, but the texture is combined visually widen the small kitchen.

Roman blinds in the interior of the kitchen

Roman blinds in a small kitchen has many benefits. They are quite compact so that they do not burden the interior of even the smallest kitchen. They can be used in the decoration of the windows of almost any architectural form. Roman shades in the kitchen is preferred by those who are in the first place puts the crisp lines, convenience, simplicity and functionality. The form of such curtains give a special rack. Canvas fabric going to fold, thanks to a simple mechanism. If the window is on the sunny side, roman blinds should make enough of a dense fabric. If you want that your small kitchen has always been a lot of light, the best option - light translucent fabric.

Roller blinds for the kitchen

Roller blinds on the principle of action is very similar to the Roman. The difference is that in this embodiment the web of fabric is wound on a special shaft with a special mechanism. Raise the curtain a very easy, just pull the special chain. And Roman and roller blinds for a small kitchen should be on the order. A gap of a few millimeters - and the curtain will be perceived quite as planned. They often do not attach to the frame, and the window opening. It is such a simple technique allows to "expand" the space. In addition, it is important to make sure that this design will not interfere with curtains open and close the window in the kitchen. Roller and Roman shades wonderful blend of traditional curtains. But in this case it is necessary to sew curtains and companion of a light fabric and avoid models with bushy tails and folds.

How to choose the fabric for the curtains in the kitchen?

Selection of the material will be made curtains for your kitchen, depends not only on the design concept and the overall style of the interior. It is important to kitchen curtains were easy to wash, and they gathered themselves at least pollution. If you seek to surround yourself with natural materials, traditional solution - sew curtains for the kitchen made of cotton, linen, silk, hemp or jute. Modern fabrics which are used for sewing curtains, the rules contain a certain percentage of synthetic fibers. For example, cotton polyester are often complementary. In addition, we use special impregnation that repel dust and dirt. As a result, the curtains in the kitchen long look tidy and do not require complex care.