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Light and Bright

There can be nothing more uninviting than a dingy kitchen. Ample light and space is the hallmark of a well-planned kitchen, hence, you need to brighten it up to show off your custom-made cabinets. Light is crucial regardless of the mood you want to create in your space. Nothing works better than natural streaming sunlight as it creates depth in the furnishing and also does wonders for your emotional health. You can consider having skylights, recessed lighting and other ideas to make your kitchen look bright, spacious and more user-friendly. Install light colored cabinets and floorings or large exterior windows to make a small kitchen look bigger. Dark colored cabinets and walls are best avoided, even for bigger kitchens. Under-cabinet and adjustable lighting can go a long way in giving you an enriching kitchen experience.

Counter Height

It is important that we pay due attention to the height of the counters we install in our kitchens. The kitchen no longer is the stamping ground of women. Right from kids and elders to relatives and friends, everyone loves to experiment and have a shot at their culinary skills. It is thus of utmost importance to install kitchen counters at varying heights. Incorporating this in your ergonomic kitchen design is advisable. You can even customize counter heights which do not force your body to adapt to standardized sizes. The best counter height is the one that allows your arms to rest at a forty-five degree angles with your palms over the counter-top. You should be able to chop, rinse and cook without bending over.


Make sure that the countertops you select are not only long-lasting and durable but also add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen area. Furnishing materials such as granite are not only attractive and easy to clean but are also less likely to capture bacteria than more other porous surfaces.

Faucet Spout

The faucet serves functional as well as aesthetic purposes. A pretty looking faucet will no doubt make the decor look even more elegant. However, you must know functions a tap fulfills when it comes to kitchen. Steer clear of low-spout faucets, the hallmark of outdated kitchens and sinks. Investing in a high-arch faucet and a deep sink that accommodate today's oversized pots and pans can make your life a lot easier.

Cabinet Comfort

Clutter in a spacious kitchen can only destroy its beauty. That is why creating storage area is important not just for better organization of the pantry odds and ends, but also for your convenience and comfort. Clutter and mess can be detrimental for your sanity and health. You can install accessible cabinets and drawers that can also save you from the daily kitchen routines of bending, stretching, twisting, turning and ducking! Cabinets come in a variety of colors and materials and go a long way in enhancing the ergonomics of your kitchen design.

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