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Leather Furniture Maintenance Tips

As leather furniture is made from hide, it needs special care. Leather furniture needs more care than furniture with fabric upholstery. Though you will have to make an effort to take care of leather furniture, in the long run it is worth the effort.
Cleaning and conditioning your furniture every three months should be sufficient unless you have very young children who leave lots of goopy stuff behind!
Here are a few tips on leather furniture care:

Leather Cleaners

Use a leather cleaner as following ( make sure that you follow the tips that are mentioned in the cleaner documentation if they are different) :

Home Made Cleaners

Ingredients in leather cleaners are pretty common: olive oil, lanolin and Neat's-foot oil (animal rendered oils) are generally used in commercial products.

You can reproduce these commercial products in your own kitchen without the expense of commercially packaged products. Another advantage to making these yourself is the easy, one step cleaning and conditioning. No need to buy more than one expensive product.

For full cleaning and conditioning, try this mixture:

1 part white vinegar
2 parts neatsfoot oil OR raw or food grade linseed oil
Use a white lint free cloth to swirl on, leave overnight then buff for maximum shine.

Remove any mildew or mold on leather before starting with a regular cleaning. To remove mildew, try this inexpensive, easy recipe:

1 part rubbing alcohol
1 part water
Spray on or use on a dampened cloth. Use a clean white lint free cloth and replace as it gets dirty. Avoid direct sunlight and allow to air dry. You may also turn on a fan and allow it to gently waft over the surface.
Removing Stains From Leather

It may be impossible to remove all stains from leather, depending on their origin. However, here are some simple cleaning tips that might help.

Toothpaste straight on the stain, lightly scrubbed in and then wiped off.
Try non-acetone nail polish remover wipes on ink stains.
Aerosol hairspray works well on tough stains. Spray the hairspray directly on the stain and wipe away. This may take several swipes so keep at it.
Round glass water stains on antique leather tabletops made of hard stretched leather might be removed by rubbing in mayonnaise. Leave the mayonnaise for a couple of hours then wipe off.