Kitchen Appliances & Fixtures

Lighting in the Kitchen

Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the main places in the apartment where the food is prepared and the whole family for dinner in the evenings. Each woman seeks to make it cozy and comfortable for everyday cooking, and for the communication of the family at the table.

The apartments with a modern layout for the kitchen is given a spacious room equipped with furniture that meets the individual needs of each customer. An important element of the design are the lights. They are selected individually depending on the style of kitchen design.

However, there are rules that should be considered when choosing fixtures for the kitchen, so that, in addition to the original style, and create a comfortable lighting.

What you need to know to create comfortable lighting? First, be aware that a general lighting, for which serve various modifications lamps, creating a smooth, not too bright luminous flux coming from the ceiling, is not enough.

Lighting in the Kitchen

Cooking for additional lighting over the stove top, and for dinner - over the table. This so-called, working lights, created specifically designed for this purpose lamps.

We take note of the following recommendations, some of which are also suitable for the selection task lighting for the kitchen with a small area:

1. Lamps should be focused on the work surface (table, stove). They must be fixed at a level that the light fell on a work surface, covering it completely.

2. If you already have a light built into the hood, but it does not compensate the need for a working light, you can add some more, making sure that they are not spectrally distinct.

3. Very efficient lamps placed under the overhead cupboards. This will not only ensure the flow direction of light in a given direction, but do not spoil the general form of a heap of kitchen lights. Furthermore, this type of lamps is convenient because the wire can be fixed at the level cabinets (their bottom edge) or slightly higher.

4. If you can not use this type of lighting, you can purchase individual lamps. At the same time, however, require additional outlet.

5. Often placed on the top shelf and hooks for various commonly used in household items such as graters, scissors, towels, etc. In this case, to create ideal working light bulbs that do not catch your eye, but provide the right amount of additional light.

6. If the design of the kitchen is made in a restrained, simple style, it is best to use light, not flashy, but the general tone of the relevant premises models.

7. If your kitchen is not provided for wall cabinets and shelves, pick up a stylish single lamp and mount them on the walls. The most comfortable lighting fixtures-on clothespins. They do not require placement at a special place and can be attached and removed, depending on the mood of the hostess and the need for additional lighting.

8. Very common nowadays for kitchen design is selected so when the place is cooking, for example, in the center. In this case, you can not create task lighting wall lamps. At our disposal is, of course, only the ceiling. Applicable to our goal of lights on the long, adjustable cord, define the desired length - and thereby fulfill our mission regarding additional lighting. We take into account the color of the shade so that the light was soft and non-irritating eye. Even better, if the kitchen is in the middle range with hood - in this case, we choose to extract and integrate the appropriate style lamps, which will compensate for the lack of lighting.

9. Very bad version of the model fixtures is called a point. But it depends on the taste and kitchen design.

10. A kind of "work" and the area is the dining table. Light falling on the table, should be soft, creating comfort and adjusts to leisurely eating.

11. If the table is placed in the center of the kitchen, would be the best light on a long cord. The big "plus" of such lamps is the ability to choose different lengths of cord. If it is necessary to emphasize comfort and peace of a family dinner - adjust the lamp so that it "hung" over the table for a long cord. If, on the contrary, I want to create a sense of space, solemnity - make it so that light shone from under the ceiling.

It is not necessary, by the way, use a single lamp. Very original, small, carefully selected, arranged a group of fixtures. If they also have long cords, lighting can change the mood and depending on the case. Generally, each family is free to choose any type of lamp to put it on the table. It is important that light is directed directly to the table and was sufficient brightness and softness. This task is performed by a lampshade on it and pay attention. 12. If the table is placed against a wall, use a bulb-type lights. It is often enough one - two sconces to the task of covering the table. In this well, if the light is concentrated on the table. Suited for this particular form of lampshades and sconces model with flexible arms.

13. Looks great on the dinner table ordinary table lamp. You just need to choose the right model.

14. If you - a lover of regular changes in the kitchen, and often are not averse to rearrange the table to a new location, use to create the required lighting lamp. It's easy to move from place to place, and it looks very impressive, also, the current market is saturated with different versions of floor lamps, so choose the right model of the problem will not make.

Let's sum up. 1. Can not be neglected as a work and overhead lighting. Only together they complement each other, thereby creating a comfortable lighting in the kitchen. Lamps for the solution of the competent unit overhead lighting may be different, both single and point. It is important not to overdo it with the amount and at the same time to create a soft and bright enough lighting in the kitchen.

2. Cooking and dinner for additional lighting.

3. For task lighting as it is possible to use different models of lamps, depending on the capabilities of the host and kitchen layout. It is important to note that the light should concentrate on the stove, table, etc. to the extent necessary.

4. With lighting, you can create an individual style kitchens mood for dinner, lunch or breakfast.