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Door Lock Tips

The main door

The shield that separates the outside world from your world. Your home is as secure as your main door. It is your primary defense against any intrusion to your world.

It is recommended that your main door should have an unpickable locking system with high key combinations. An Ultra locking systems is UNPICKABLE because it cannot be opened with any object other than it's own key and it is almost impossible to duplicate the Ultra key without the original key. Each set of Ultra keys is virtually unique i.e. 10 crore non-interchangeable combinations are possible.

Living Room

The living room windows should be made of toughened glass that is difficult to break thus augmenting the security level offered by the main door. The windows in bungalows or lower floors of buildings should have fixed grills along the entire window to prevent undesired entry whereas higher floors can have half grills to prevent any accident.


Enjoy your surroundings within the comfort and warmth of your home.
A door separating the living room from the balcony is recommended to ensure security. This could be in the form of a collapsible grill or a wooden folding partition. On such a door the lock should be capable of locking only from the inside thereby creating a secure separation between the balcony and the adjoining room.


The innermost sanctum of your home for relaxation and recuperation.


A private space where the emphasis on aesthetics is increasing.
The bathroom door ensures privacy and aesthetics, thus the locks used for this door should satisfy both these
requirements. Keyless locking systems that complement the decor of the bathroom would be ideal. The lock
should withstand high moisture conditions prevalent in a bathroom and should also have an emergency

Store Room

A space for household storage.
An inexpensive yet strong lock is ideal to keep storage under lock and key.
Godrej Padlocks, India's most trusted locks best suit this need.


A place from where nourishment is provided to your family prepared with a combination of cooking
skills and use of valuable, modern kitchen appliances.
When no one is at home the kichen door is a safe keeper of your expensive home appliances.
The lock installed on this door should be sturdy enough to ward off undesired entry.


Cupboards, Cabinets and Drawers facilitate storage, enhance the interior and house your precious assets.
The locks installed in such furniture should be sturdy and inconspicuous maintaining the aesthetics of the cabinet.