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LPG Gas Cylinder Tips

LPG cylinders are an important appliance for your kitchen if you are in India. With the advent of technology you can book them easily through online booking, SMS, phone as well. At present, people can get nine cylinders of 14.2kg every financial year at a subsidised rate of Rs 412.50. The price is Rs. 967 for beyond this quota. There are plans to distribute the subsidy via Aadhar cards in future.

What is LPG?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of hydrocarbons, which are in gaseous state at ambient temperature and pressure but these are liquefied under pressure for easy storage, handling and transportation in pressurized vessels. It is obtained through Crude Oil refining or from Natural Gas through fractionation. Butane and Propane are the main constituent hydrocarbon's in LPG. Others present in traces or small fractions are Iso-butane, butylene, n-butane, propylene etc.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price

Getting a new domestic (14.5 kg/5 kg cylinder) connection

LPG is available for domestic use in 14.2 Kg capacity cylinders and also in 5 Kg capacity cylinders in select few cities primarily in hilly / rural areas in the country. New LPG Connections are now Available on Demand across the country. In case you do not have an LPG connection from any of the PSU Oil Companies in your name and you have a separate cooking area in your house you can have an Indane domestic connection in your name. For a domestic connection, you can visit your nearest LPG cylinder distributor serving your area with a valid proof of residence. Any one of the following documents can be produced for proof of residence:-


The LPG connection will be released to you immediately. However before release of an LPG connection, you should be in possession of an ISI mark Hotplate conforming to IS-4246 and a Rubber Tube conforming to IS- 10908, so that after release of your LPG connection, it may be installed at your residence immediately. For release of your LPG connection you will be required to pay security deposit at the prevailing rates.


For availing of an LPG connection, a customer should be in possession of an ISI mark hotplate and rubber tube. All LPG distributors do maintain a range of ISI mark hotplates for its ready availability for the prospective customers. However it is not incumbent upon you to purchase it from the distributor only. Incase you have an ISI mark hotplate available with you, the distributor shall check it at your premises against a nominal payment. The distributor has to complete such an inspection within 7 days from the date of such a payment by the customer.

Checks after refill

You may undertake simple checks at the time of your refill receipt:-

LPG installation maintenance

Domestic installation safety checks

The safety audit of the domestic installations should be carried out once in every two years. Your cylinder distributorís trained mechanic should conduct such an audit at your place. You will need to pay a nominal charge to your distributor for this. You should ensure that the mechanic carries an identity card with him confirming his identity as an authorized person from your distributor for carrying out such an inspection. In case of doubt, it is advisable to seek confirmation from your distributor to rule out any imposters.

Transferring Connections

In case you are shifting your residence, you may follow either of the following options :-
Within the same distributor's area of operation- Just advise your distributor your new address with supporting proof of residence so that he effects the change in his records and your future supplies shall then be sent to your new place of residence.
Within the same town   In case your present distributor does not service your new place of residence, then simply approach your distributor with your original Subscription Voucher (SV). The distributor shall prepare a Transfer Termination Voucher (TTV) for the place of your new residence. You can then approach the nearest Indane Distributor serving your place of residence along with proof of residence. The distributor shall prepare a Transfer Subscription Voucher (TSV) against your TTV and shall provide you a new consumer number. These details shall be updated in your DGCC booklet, so do carry your GCC booklet along with when you visit your new Indane Distributor. In this case of a shift of residence within the same town you are not required to surrender your equipment. Hence you may carry your Indane domestic cylinder and pressure regulator along with you to your new residence.
While getting transferred out of town - In case you are transferred outside the town, you are required to surrender your  equipment viz. cylinder and pressure regulator to your  distributor. In such a case, you may approach your  distributor with your Subscription Voucher (SV) or Transfer Subscription Voucher (TSV) as the case may be & Domestic Gas Consumer Card (DGCC) along-with your Cylinder/s and Pressure Regulator. The distributor in turn will prepare a Termination Voucher (TV) in your name for your new place and refund the deposit held against the Cylinder/s and Regulator. You will also be guided to the nearest  distributor for future service. At the new place you can approach the nearest distributor for resuming your  supplies.

Sweating on the cylinders

If the rate of withdrawal of LPG is higher than the designed rate, the cylinder starts sweating and you would see condensation on the body of the cylinders. If the cylinders in the manifold are regularly sweating, it is advisable to check your LPG consumption rate vis-ŗ-vis the Cylinder manifold design. Consult your nearest Area Manager or a technical consultant, you may require to increase your cylinder manifold bank.


Indane 14.2 kg domestic cylinders

City Subsidized rate(Rs.) Non subsidized rate(Rs.)
Delhi 417.00 621.00
Kolkata 419.00 654.50
Mumbai 452.00 632.00
Chennai 404.50 614.00

Cost of Indane gas new connection

Security Deposit for Cylinder (14.2 kg) - in the rest of India, except North Eastern States In the seven North Eastern States 1450.00
Security Deposit for Pressure Regulator 150.00
Hotplate Inspection charges at the time of release of new connection 250.00
Installation/Demonstration charges for New Connections 50.00
Administrative charges for release of DBC 50.00

Cost of HP gas new connection

Refundable Deposit for Two Cylinders @ Rs. 1450/ - each = Rs. 2,900/-
Regulator Price -(Refundable Deposit for One Regulator) @ Rs. 150/- = Rs. 150/-
**(For North Eastern States Refundable Deposit for each cylinder is Rs.1150/-)
* Cost of Two Refills - Present price according to your area as applicable
*Cost of hotplate/stove and Suraksha Hose (rubber tube) will be extra

Apart from this there can be some charges for demonstration and other services for new connection.
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