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Materials for kitchen furniture

How beautiful furniture that we see in the pictures and as samples at trade shows and in-store furniture. In order for it to remain as attractive and in our kitchen for a long time, it is necessary to choose the material of the furniture is made.

Materials for kitchen furniture

To date, as the body material for the manufacture of kitchen furniture using particleboard, wood, MDF and multiplex. Of course, there are some other materials used for the manufacture of furniture, but they differ in the same reliability and durability.

For kitchen cabinet and built-in furniture used by more than 40 species of wood. Her carefully dried and treated with a special compound for protection against environmental influences. Natural wood because of the cost used to create a more elite and expensive furniture.

It is also used and is well-regarded in the recent natural material multiplex. Multiplex - is glued in different directions thin layers of wood of different species. This material is not so expensive, less exposed to water than solid wood, and is not deformed.

Multiplex are made water-resistant countertops, facades and buildings elements. Multiplex in pressing can bring different radius and curved shapes. Large selection of curved facades and elements provides endless possibilities in interior design. Multiplex is indispensable when in need of furniture or a curved shape countertops facade and high moisture resistance. The ends (edges) multiplex processed aluminum piping, are shaded in different colors or covered with high-strength polyurethane varnish having a high resistance to temperature, moisture and mechanical damage.

In the production of affordable and reliable furniture is often used chipboard and MDF, as well as metal, plastic, glass, etc. In this case pressed wood boards are cheaper, easy to all kinds of treatment and are not inferior in quality solid wood.

MDF (finely dispersed fraction) - it is very durable and environmentally friendly material. MDF does not cause problems in the use and did not lose its original form.

MDF coated with PVC film
For furniture used MDF board, produced by dry pressing finely dispersed wood chips under high pressure and temperature. The connecting element is lignin, a natural material, which is released by heating wood. These harmful substances as epoxy resins and phenol MDF boards are used.

MDF boards are very well suited for the manufacture of kitchen furniture: they are very well tolerated by the impact of a pair of kitchen - do not swell, do not warp. They are very strong, and many experts believe that the MDF for moisture resistance and mechanical characteristics superior to natural wood. Another feature of the MDF - their resistance to various fungi and micro-organisms, which makes products from MDF hygienically safe in the home.

MDF have a milled surface, gives the facade relief appearance. In MDF with wood texture is very closely simulates the look of natural wood (such as oak, beech, alder), although the texture may be not only a tree. Furniture from MDF looks much more interesting and more. For operational quality MDF much stronger and provides high durability, resistance to scratching and to household use.

In addition, the MDF makes available any treatments, so you can make beautiful panels, rounded corners. Particleboard (chipboard) - molded chips are usually lined with plastic or laminate. This material - the cheapest, but very durable n e, is afraid of water, contains harmful primisi, with the most popular and used wood material in the furniture industry. Alternatively, it is recommended to use a material MDF, particleboard devoid of drawbacks.

For facing the kitchen units are most commonly used synthetic and natural veneers and melamine and laminated flooring. Synthetic veneers provide the ability to simulate not only the tree, but also some other materials. A special protective film which covers the synthetic veneer, completely replaces the lacquer.

Kitchens of MDF, coating - plastic, enamel
With the help of modern materials (film, plastic, enamel, etc.) can receive a variety of surfaces - glossy, matte, semi-gloss, with the effect of metallic enamel with glitter, etc.

Melamine and laminate flooring as artificial surfaces used for kitchen furniture made of particle board. Melamine coated surface is not designed for high mechanical loads. Laminate flooring, which is characterized by high strength and wear resistance, is used to cover those parts of the furniture, which are consistently high mechanical loads.

It is used in kitchen furniture and glass. From modern high glass doors make cabinets and shelves, furniture glass because not only can withstand a lot of weight, but blows.

Becoming more common in the manufacture of kitchen equipment becomes metal.

Stainless steel elements are beautiful, eco-friendly, hygienic, require minimal care, durable, perfectly blended with other materials.

On the front panel, including cabinet doors and built-in furniture, is more common softer than steel, anodized aluminum, which increases its durability.

Spectacular view of the kitchen gives satin steel, but it requires careful maintenance.

Separately talk about tabletops , or as they are called, tops. For their izgotoleniya use laminate glass, toughened glass, metal, as well as natural, synthetic and artificial stones.

Granite has high strength and durability, it is practically not exposed to acid. More expensive travertine and marble are highly resistant to high temperatures. However, they have one major drawback: they are porous, which means that the spots of grease and wine can not be avoided.

By synthetic stones include: aksilan, crystal, varikor, corian, and so on. They are in no way inferior to their natural counterparts, and sometimes surpass their practicality. However, they are cheaper.

At the core of artificial stone - sand, quartz and glass fibers and binders. This "rock" is much easier to natural, it is easy to handle, very hygienic and durable and resistant to intense heat (up to 230 degrees).