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Modular Kitchen Maintenance Tips

Daily kitchen maintenance should be followed if you want your modular kitchen to look beautiful for long.

Clean furniture with soft dry cloth. For cleaning cooktop and tiles the cloth should be made wet.

Any spill over food should be cleaned immediately so that stains do not persist.

The sink area should be kept dry and clean.

Any oil residue should be cleaned with mild detergent and luke warm water.

Wiping down your stove tops need to be a fast daily task and a great practice to avoid food particles from becoming backed up and stuck on your stove. If achievable, wipe down the stove leading following cooking each meal. Cleaning burners and burner trays are usually not done each day, as this job might frequently take up a lot of time.

Kitchen floor should be mopped regularly specially if you have children or toddler in your house.

Regularly check drawers and shutters and in case of any sound or obstruction get them repaired immediately.

Cabinets should be wiped daily, specially if things are spilled on them. This can maintain cabinet over the long term.

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