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Open Kitchen Design Tips

Open kitcen is an excellent idea if you have to cook when the guests come in. A lot of times, kitchen has the most activities and having a closed kitchen shuts other people. Open kitchens are catching up in India.


An open kitchen should blend in with the style and design of the adjacent room. For example, a English style kitchen will look out of place next to a rustic living room.

You want the kitchen to match the rest of the house but it needs to stand apart too.
Try demarcating the cooking area from the actual living area. Instead of a traditional arch, use different flooring options to separate the two areas. From vitrified tiles for a modern look to wooden laminates and rough-finish stone for a country look, you can take your pick.

Another way to separate the kitchen area is to plan it on either a step lower or higher than the rest of the room. If you choose to have it a step higher, then try glass bricks with concealed lights for the skirting of the step.

A dining table is another way of separating the kitchen from the rest of the room.

If space permits, go with a charming little island in the middle of the kitchen. Include a couple of tall stools and you have got yourself an instant family room. From dinnertime chitchats to homework, your kids will have you around all the time.

An island doesn't have to be just another counter. You could have drawers and cabinets fitted in for extra storage space.

Kitchen Counter or Benchtop

You could choose to tile the kitchen counter or do it up with granite or marble. You could also have a laminate, wood or stainless steel counter. Corian is another option. It is available in a wide variety of colours that are sure to go with the colour of the cabinets. However, it needs to be handled carefully as it could get scratched and is not heat resistant.
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Concealed lighting below the cabinets will give you sufficient brightness for chopping and mixing. Include artistic, ceiling suspended light fixtures above the dining area, the stove and other work areas.

Kitchen Sink

You should not have kitchen sinks in the island. This can cause major problems if the drainage gets clogged or there is a leakage.
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Arrange the kitchen so that while cooking you face the guests. Place the hob at an angle or even on the island counter. If you are worried about gas lines, just have a gas cylinder in a cabinet below the island counter.
The work triangle can make your regular meal preparation so much simpler. Try an arrangement where the gas stove, the sink and the refrigerator are in a triangle. This way you have easy access to things you need from the fridge plus you can wash your hands from time to time because cooking can be messy, you know.

Chimney / Exhaust Fan

You should have chimney and exhaust fan in your kitchen so that smoke and oil from cooking does not spread in the house.

If the gas stove is atop the island, then you could have an overhung chimney. Make sure the chimney is ducted and not the recyclable kind. Install the duct through the false ceiling so it doesn't destroy the beauty of the kitchen. Also see
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You might also want to consider a dishwasher. You have better things to display other than dirty dishes.
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Storage / Accessories

Large larder units are perfect to store a whole lot of dishes and food items. They also ensure easy accessibility. Open shelves are another interesting display option. Place pretty glass jars with colourful pulses on them.

Show off your beautiful crockery or that silver tea set in a glass unit. Inbuilt spotlights will add to the beauty.

You can also add kitchen accessories like pickled jars, a string of garlic cloves or chillies or even a bowl or tempting wax fruits!

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