Types of Paints

Types of Paints - Distemper, Emulsions, Lustre


Type of Paints - Utsav Acrylic Distemper Paint

This is perhaps the most economical type of painting available in the Indian market today. It can be classified as a "Whitewash" job. This term is probably deep rooted in our vocabulary as home owners whitewash their homes prior to renting it out and occupants insist on a periodic whitewash from the home owners ! The major constituents of distemper are chalk, lime, water and some coloring agents if necessary. Distemper is a water based paint.


Type of Paints - Royale Luxury Emulsion Paint

This type of paint is also water based and provides a rich and Matt finish to interior walls. The differentiating factor of emulsion paints is its acrylic quality. Its composition imparts excellent durability to the painted surface and gives the walls a just painted look. It washable and most stains can be removed easily by wiping with a cloth dipped in a mild soap solution. The paint film is also fungus and mildew resistant.

Solvent based paints(Lustre/Enamel)

Type of Paints - Lustre Paint            Type of Paints - Enamel Paint

Solvent based paints - Lustre paints, Enamel paints and oil paints all come under the category of solvent based paints. They cannot be pre-mixed with water. Oil based paints take a longer time to dry and often produce strong odors which are irritating and sometimes even toxic in nature. The advantage with these paints is that they really last long and produce rich and desiring effects on the wall.


Functional paints are not just decorative paints, they have specific functions like eliminating insects, bacteria, fungus or dust mites. Functional paints have an in-built, safe and non-toxic mechanism to humans but fatal to insects, fungus, bacteria or Dustmites.

Artilin is one such company which manufactures functional paints.


Paints, when dried on the surface, produce films with varying degree of sheen. This ranges from Matt finishes which have no sheen, to high gloss finishes.


Matte Finish Paint

A matt finish has the lowest level of gloss.

Egg Shell or Satin

Satin Finish Paint

This finish has silk like gloss, explains the name Satin finish.


Semi Gloss Finish Paint

This finish has more gloss than a satin finish.


Glossy Finish Paint

This is the finish with highest level of gloss

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