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Plants for Garden

What to Plant

This will depend largely on your personal taste and the weather but here are a few pointers to get you started in the right direction. Don't crowd your space with plants - when looked after properly, they will be healthy and look much more attractive if given more room to breathe. Choose your plants with care. You can go for perennial flowers but remember that during their off-seasons, the flowers and stems appear to have almost died out. New flowers bloom when it is prime season. Some examples are Sawani - this blooms in profusion in May and during monsoon; India Lilac or Lagerstroemia - it comes in 3-4 colours, has no leaves in winter, but blooms in summer and spring; Acaypha - it doesn't flower but there are many varities in which the leaves are a deep shade of red, pink or a mixture of red and pink.

Always make sure there are no drainage problems. In case the water tends to stay for long periods, build a raised bed ( to test - dig a hole, fill with water and wait for one day and fill it with water again. The water should have gone in 1 hour)

Remember, sturdier the plants, the less care they need. Avoid buying seeds - looking after them is a lot of work. Instead buy saplings from a nursery - a good looking healthy sapling will turn into a healthy plant; look out for wilting plants or one with holes. Inspect the roots closely for any signs of brownness, rottenness or softness. Saplings can simply be re-potted ( just ensure that when you re-plant them, retain at least part of the soil in which they originally were in). Also, plants are less traumatised by the transplant if they do not have any flowers on them. It's best to use the ones that consist of only buds.

What to grow


This flowers profusely throughout the year and brings in a riot of color into your garden - the blooms can be pink, white, yellow, orange and even mauve. It can be grown in the soil or in pots.


These golden-yellow or orange blossoms look great when plated in clusters and are easy to grow in pots or in the soil.
The color yellow evokes feelings of joy and happiness. Marigold in your house signifies new beginning and happiness.


This has pretty white flowers that can have a single or double layer of petals ( depending on the variety ). Though mostly grown in the ground, it can do well in the pots as well.

Champa Alba(Temple Tree)

This bush with lovely white flowers and longish leaves stay green throughout the year. It is best grown in soil, although sometimes in large pots and is resistant to most pests.

Oleander (Kaner)

This gives white, pink or red flowers twice a year and comes as a single or double flowering variety. It can be grown in pots as well as ground.


From the standard white, to pink to the bright red variety ( called Amaryllis ), lilies grow well in the sun and flower mostly in the summer and monsoon months. There are many more varities including Spider Lily, Crinum, Football Lily and Day Lily. All these can be grown both in pots and the soil.
White blossoms convey modesty and elegance and pink blossoms convey joy, innocence and joy.

Poinsettia (Christmas Flower)

It has red and pink leaves and can make a colorful addition in your garden. It can grow in pots as well as soil.


It loves to grow in the sun, though it does well in semi-shae. It gives tiny red flowers throughout the year and needs to be trimmed once in a year or two depending on the growth rate. Jatropha grows in both soil and pots.


This is a hardy shrub that can be trimmed and cut according to your needs and thrives in both soil and pots.


Its single and double varities flower during November and December in both pots and soil.
The color yellow evokes feelings of joy and happiness. Chrysathemum house signifies new beginning and happiness.


This is a hardy winter shrub with pretty yellow and orang blooms. It can grow well in pots and soil.

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