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Plants in the kitchen

Kitchen - a room production. Here vanity, high humidity, and sometimes - closeness. In such an atmosphere without indoor plants simply can not do - they refresh and enrich the air with oxygen, and just make you feel comfortable will please the eye.

The image of the kitchen can be different, and probably everyone has it. Someone sweeter smoky hearth, and someone needed a snow-white sterility. The kitchen can be a very warm and cozy place in the apartment, and the cold high-tech giant. Naturally, the plants that adorn it should clearly fall into the style.

Plants in the kitchen

For an ordinary suit any kitchen a cozy indoor plants. The requirements are simple: there should be no bare ground, basket - solid container, rather than pots with trays (after all, next to products), always something blooming (Saintpaulia, hibiscus), something fruit (peppers). You can put lemon and if you do not mind a nice, but very strong smell of flowers. You can even arrange a mini-garden, but more decorative than utilitarian character.

If the kitchen is designed as a medieval inn with falshbalkami on the ceiling, "brickwork", or stone on the walls and matching accessories spirit of the time, plants should be the minimum number, because really it was a very dark room. Ivy twine wall and beams, is enough.

Another thing - the bright southern European option. You can decorate the outside of the kitchen as a pergola, curled grapes. On the wall mounted driftwood texture imitating the lower thick trunks of vines, and on them they go rooms Vinogradova (ideally - tetrastigma, but you can roitsissus).

In the "sterile" kitchen is well to keep the orchids planted in artificial orchids chips, or bromeliads in decorative hydrogel. However, the fit and the usual, but very neat specimens of plants.

If you gravitate toward minimalism, you should choose one or two plants, but very high quality and interesting. Note the coffee tree - very unpretentious, unusual shape, constantly flourishing, with dark red fruits.

Fancy - no problem. Tropical showcases, bromeliads trees, succulents composition, water gardens - all of which can spruce up your kitchen and give it a shine and uniqueness.

WHERE TO PUT First, of course, on the wide windowsill. There may stay next to each other a variety of plants: violets, cactus, ivy, just rooted cuttings propagated plants, herbs, green onions, house tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and lemons. Pots with a basket plant (Passiflora, stephanotis, Begonia pendula, etc.) are well put on a shelf or mounted to a wall to hang pots.

But do not forget that kitchen - the room is not very large and hanging baskets should not interfere with moving around. It is not necessary to put the pots on the countertop and cutting table (even though it looks nice in the pictures in magazines.) Practice shows that inconvenient and hostess, and plants.

BTW It is better not to make the whole kitchen plants - much more interesting to look carefully thought-out option that can also reduce or visually enlarge the room. High ceilings opkazhutsya below if hung with hanging basket plants, and a kitchen with a low ceiling - above, if you place a large pot with a plant on a high floor. Arcuate stems and small leaves visually expand the narrow space.

WHAT THEY DO NOT LIKE Do not place flowers next to the sink. Humidity here, of course, the ideal, but the spray of water mixed with chemicals for washing dishes healthy plants will not add.

Suffer from plants and tiny droplets of fat that covers the sticky film of their leaves. As a result, the flowers begin to suffocate. They grow worse, the foliage becomes dull in the end they may even die. Therefore, at least once a month to arrange "bath day." Large leaves gently wipe dampened with a mild soapy water. Plants with smaller leaflets initially sprayed with the same solution, and then rinsed with water in the shower room temperature. By the way, it will protect the plants from many pests.

WHAT TO CHOOSE For kitchen suitable plants with glossy leaves (Ficus, Monstera, palm, philodendron). They hold on the leaves large amounts of dust, but it is convenient to wash and wipe.

Of Aromatic herbs in the kitchen are appropriate: coriander, parsley, basil, thyme. They are beautiful and have fitontsidnymi properties, and the practical benefits are undeniable - fresh herbs on the table.

But cacti and subtropical plants that need cool winter in, as well as many types of bulbs in the kitchen can be too hot and uncomfortable.