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Porch Flooring Tips

Outdoor space around your house can be used for social get-togethers. This can be the patio or the porch for an independant house, and a portion of terrace or open foyer for an apartment.The flooring should be tastefully done to complement landscape deisng and surrounding decor. The outdoor flooring should be durable and sturdy. It should also be weather-resistant to take on heavy rain, scorching sunlight and dry climate.



Wood Tiles

Interlocking wood tiles are ideal for covered porches as they may not be strong enough to withhold heavy downpour.

Clay Tiles

Terracotta or natural stone are types of clay tiles.They can be covered by ceramic glazing for different effects.
Terracotta tiles have the capability to drain out excess water and are super-absorbent. They also keep it cool, which is a boon in summer.
Natural stone is available in various textures and colors. It is ideal for pool decks and walkways and also good for chipped-off floor surfaces in garages and outhouses.


These can be used for covered patios. They look very trendy and stylish and are functional too. These are typically used in outdoor sports areas.


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