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Safety Tips for Inverters

Safety of inverter is an important aspect of owning and maintaining an inverter. Not taking care might result in damages to the inverter as well as you.
Inverters should be coming with an instruction booklet and you should go through it.


You should choose an appropriate position for your inverter and this should be ventilated well and be away from fire and water. Lack of ventilation can damage the battery also. Never keep an inverter directly under sun.
Place the inverter slightly above the ground and as close as possible to the battery.
For installation or wiring always engage a good professional.
Buy inverters which have alarm installed as a safety measure. Inverters with shutoff feature that turns the inverter off when it power is low is a good option.
Load transfer switches should also be considered if you have a higher budget.



While buying an inverter you should look for following protection features. This ensures that the inverter functions with minimum hassles and minimum maintenance.

Low Battery Voltage Alarm

When the inverter battery has been discharged to low levels, the inverter should have an alarm to alert such a status. This should be accompanied by relevant display also so that you can charge the inverter.

Low Battery Voltage Shutdown

Below certain voltage of the inverter battery, the system should be automaticalliy shut down. The system should again start functioning when the battery crosses the minimum voltage. This feature prevents complete discharge of the battery.

High Battery Voltage Shutdown

When the input voltage rises above a threshold level the system shuts down automatically.. The inverter will start working agains once the voltage comes below the limit.

Over Temperature Shutdown

If the temperature rises above the acceptable range, the inverter system should shut down.

AC Output Overload Shutdown

If a short circuit takes place, the system should shut down. The same should happen if there is an overload on the inverter.

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