Home Building & Planning

Tips for Buying House

What are you looking for in a home?

Must it be a bungalow, a condominium, an apartment or a penthouse? The actual area and size will depend on the size of your family as well as your own personal requirements. Think long term. Maybe you and your spouse require just a one-bedroom apartment at this point in time but plan to have two children later. In that case, a two-bedroom or even a three-bedroom is a better option.

Why do you need a house?

Are you purchasing it to reside in it? Or do you view property as an investment and you are looking at capital appreciation. If you are buying to reside in it, you may consider a 3-bedroom apartment. But, if you are planning to rent it out, even if you can afford a 3-bedroom apartment, you may want to settle for a 2-bedroom because the chances of giving it out would be easier. Also, if you are looking at capital appreciation, you should consider making the purchase in the suburbs, where the price appreciation will be higher than in the case of prime property.





Other factors

If it is an apartment, you will have to check out the building too.

Is it a resale?

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