Kitchen Appliances & Fixtures

Mistakes to Avoid when designing a Kitchen

Avoid obstructing Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen sink, cooktop and refrigerator are referred to as kitchen triangle. Since in a kitchen these constitute the highest activities, they should have unobstructed access.
The kitchen sink should be installed close to the plumbing and in a proper way so that any leakages are avoided. Also the plumbing should not be visible or look ugly.

Utilize Storage Space Appropriately

Managing storage in kitchen is one of the most important factors to make a kitchen look elegant.

You should try to utilise as much space as possible for storage. A modular design will be handy here than trying to desing yourself. The design should also ensure that the placement of kitchen appliances and utensils are done in a proper way.
You should also try to design in ways so that area above refrigerator can be used for storage.

Have adequate Counter top Space

Absense of proper counter top space can cause problems in working in the kitchen. Make sure the space is properly provided to place cooktop, storage and leave space for working. There should be some space near the kitchen sink so that washed food or utensils can be kepy and so on.

In open kitchen you can also consider adding a countertop on the open end like a breakfast bar.

Poor lighting

A badly lit kitchen can take away the beauty of an elegant kitchen. Work areas should get proper light. Also areas like below kitchen sink or cabinets need to get light. You should at least ensure lights on both kitchen walls at mid heights to take care of such scenarios.

During daytime, it would be excellent if natural light from sun can illuminate your kitchen.

Poor ventilation

Ventilating is an important factor for the kitchen and should be considered seriously. Improper ventilating can cause health issues as fumes, gases from cooking pollute your house.

Apart from this bad odor specially if you cook non veg can linger on if the ventilation is not proper.

Install a good kitchen chimney if other options like exhaust fan etc. do not work out.


Most people do not think of how to manage waste in the kitchen. You should make sure that you have dustbins in your kitchen segregated for recyclables.

Backsplash area

Kitchen is probably the only area in your house where water, fire and air work in conjunction and extensively. Near the kitchen sink water will get splashed both on the walls and also on the floor if not properly designed.

You should install a backsplash behind the oven and also behinf the counters and kitchen sink. A backsplash made of plastic, tile or metal can have water or grease wiped off easily.

Avoiding Professionals

You should hire an able professional and not be wary of them as their ideas and suggestions can be good.
However, do this with a caveat as sometimes the designers might not be involved and can cause you more pain.

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