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Types Of Indian Carpets

Handknotted Woollen Carpets

Handknotted woollen Carpets from India speak eloquently of the superb workmanship. Their design and colour schemes have their own independent logic and their own unique magic. The art od weaving carpets has percolated through generations and the Indian craftsmen have been creating the greatest of specimen since the medieval period.
The Indian woollen carpets are inspired by the classical Persian Tradition of motifs to the most modern design. Superior hand-knotting technique, variety of designs, colours and a good number of knots per square inch have made them desired objects to impart a vivid appearance to a home besides adding warmth to it.
The prominent areas which produce woollen carpets are Bhadohi, Mirzapur, Khamaria, Ghosia, Varanasi and Agra in Uttar Pradesh; Amritsar and Pathankot in Punjab and Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Tufted Woollen Carpets

The handmade Tufted Woollen Carpets are produced with the help of tufting guns. A good quality fabric is used for a desired pile density and number of stitches per square inch. The variety of designs and colours used in these carpets make them a feast to one's eyes. Panipat is main carpet producing centre of Tufted Woollen Carpets.

GABBE Woollen Carpets

Hand-knotted Gabbe Woollen Carpets portray a unique tradition of Tribal Design.
The continuity of superb artistic tradition of Tribals have made these carpets a product of a living and thriving art. The raw material composition of these carpets is generally 75% wool and 25% cotton.
Gabbe Woollen Carpets are mainly produced in Bhadohi-Mirzapur region in Uttar Pradesh.

Handmade Woollen Dhurries

Woollen dhurries are one of the least expensive yet very elegant 'Hand-Woven Flat Floor-Coverings'.
Dhurries are just perfect to use anywhere: in a room, in a formal setting, or casually in a balcony echoing its democratic antecedents. Its variety of colours are fast selling and have made them one of the popular floor coverings in the world.
Woollen dhurries are mainly produced in Bhadhohi, Mirzapur, Agra, Jaipur, Panipat and Bangalore.

Pure Silk Carpets

Handkotted pure silk Carpets are renowned for suppleness and softness and fine workmanship in the world.
The material composition is 80% silk yarn and 20% cotton yarn with knottage 400 knots and above per square inch. Produced in Kashmir, these carpets display a fine workmanship and intricate designs of a kind.
The designs vary from intricate motifs and patterns inspired from nature to hunting scenes, bird and animal motifs or thematic designs like historical romances.

Staple/Synthetic Carpets

Staple/Synthetic carpets are synthetic handknotted carpets with a feel of silk. These finely knotted carpets (256 knots per square inch) imbibe all the aesthetic characteristics of classical and contemporary designs and colours.
The main carpet producing centre of Staple/Synthetic carpets are Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir), Agra and Gwalior.

Chainstitch Rugs

Decorative handmade embroided floor coverings or Chainstitch Rugs are made of 65% Wool or Silk yarn 35% cotton yarn. Intricate needlework by creating a variety of traditional and modern designs and colours in these rugs reflects a fine craftsmanship of the worker.
They are mainly produced in Kashmir.

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