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Types of Wood

There are various choices amongst wood that needs to go into your furniture or wardrobes. Teak is normally the most preferred type but there are other types as well.


An undisputed first choice for making furniture and doors, Teak has come a long way from being a practical choice to a lifestyle statement. Its prices are always on the rise and coupled with the fact that itís maturity time varies between 50-70 years, purchasing it is easier said than done.

Teak is classified as a hardwood due to itís properties. It is famous for its weight (heavy feeling) and durability.


If teak is the king, then rosewood would be considered to be the queen of wood. It is heavy and hard. Rosewood is noted for itís stability and resistance to decay. Being dark reddish brown in color has perhaps earned it the name. Good quality rosewood also possesses a distinct fragrance.


A new entrant into the furniture scene in India, Rubberwood is from the same tree which is used to extract latex for manufacturing rubber! It is sturdy and cheaper compared to the king and queen woods we mentioned above. Very few people are even aware of such types of wood.

It is estimated to be nearly 30% cheaper than traditional types of wood like teak or rosewood which are also tough to source. Although lighter than teak, rubberwood still has a good density and is quite resistant to screw and nail withdrawal. This means longer life for your fixtures. Rubberwood is also easily available as its maturity varies between 7-16 years.


The first three wood types are naturally occurring. Plywood like MDF is artificially created.

Plywood is preferred by many carpenters because it is cheap, resistant to cracking, shrinkage and has a high degree of strength.

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